Friday, August 08, 2014

sculpt or die - john cardiel!

ehren bienert x sculpt or die ©
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photo: ehren bienert

"i did this sculpt to honour one of skateboarding's most incredible individuals. it wasn't a commission or anything. i really did it for myself. but as i came close to finishing the sculpt, i thought ‘why not send it to john?' i'm really glad i did. it's the least i could do for a guy who gave so much inspiration to the skateboarding community. when he recieved the sculpture via the guys at dlx, he called me to thank me for it. when i realized who i was on the phone with i couldn't breathe. lol! i was so hyped! thanks, john!

i want to thank the guys out at dlx for helping me finish the sculpture. jim thiebaud and damon thorny, both sent me photos that helped me out tremendously. when the sculpt was finished, i sent it to dlx and they made sure john recieved it.

i love mark gonzales, so i'm gonna quote him again here speaking about cards in the transworld "sight unseen" film. “he's an original ripper; he's an original coors." i'd say that about sums it up. there are few people who epitomize the spirit of skateboarding like john cardiel. if you don't know that, then you need to go watch his videos. enough said!"

check out more of john cardiel's doing a back smith digital sculpture, here!

sculpt or die ©
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