Tuesday, August 12, 2014

skateboarding in palestine - التزلج في فلسطين

"(i am submitting this video on behalf of mick kirkman who is out of the country with little to no internet!) my name is charlie davis and i set up the organisation skatepal in 2012 after seeing the potential for skateboarding in palestine whilst i was volunteering there as a teacher. mick kirkman volunteered to come out with me this spring (2014) to help out and to make a short film about the project. skatepal is a registered charity and promotes skateboarding in palestine through building skateramps / parks and holding classes. since 2012, we have been growing and developing the skateboard scene in the country. we are set to head out again in a few weeks, with a diverse team of 20 volunteers, to build 3 new skateparks in palestine responding to the enthusiasm we received on our previous trips. it is very exciting to be present at the outset of the growing interest in skateboarding in the west bank and to work with highly motivated children who have a love of the skating. we focus on areas where the children are most disadvantaged due to life under military occupation and we strive to offer young people a creative outlet to express themselves creatively and positively through skateboarding. a lack of sporting opportunities in the areas in which we work means that this project is very important for these young people, for whom there is not a lot to do. they often get caught up in the conflict and so we want to give them the opportunity to channel their energies through skateboarding. we were lucky to have mick come out with us and shoot this excellent short film to help promote our project capturing the feeling and atmosphere of the west bank."

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