Saturday, December 31, 2016

two! two! two posts in one!

oh look, a clothing company made a magazine!

hahaha! if you don't get the header, you never fuckin' will... =D

thrasher magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

got the new issue of thrasher magazine january 2017 - issue #438 a few weeks back. what a fucking gnarly issue this slab of pulp is! i got the alternate cover, with the late dylan rieder (rest in peace) on it. this issue come with a sheet of stickers and a whole lot more jam packed in the pages. y'all gotta cop yo'self an issue of this, yo! or you might regret missing out on one of the best magazine released for 2017... go out 'nd git some!

watch below as marc johnson flips thru' the pages ov the bible in the first look.


the man with the magic feet sits down to pour through the january 2017 issue. spoiler alert—it’s heavy from start to finish!

thrasher magazine ©
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ollie! ollie! ollie, yo!

ollie magazine ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

alright, okay... here's an issue of ollie 12 2016. december vol.212 (my own bread). this japanese street / skate culture magazine is kinda a'ight... nothing much to review in here, unless you want me to describe to you in details about the photographs and images in it, 'cause most of the text published in this magazine is in japanese, hence... =|

ollie magazine ©
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

skateboarding.3d - the book!

i finally got my hands on this gem of a book below, a few weeks back. the 2nd revised edition of skateboarding.3d by sebastian denz. it is definitely one hella bound full of dope-ness! \m/

sebastian denz x prestel publishing ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

put on the 3d glasses and immerse yourself in a hyper-real world of vibrating color, extreme tricks, and professional skateboarders. featuring the european carhartt skate team and inspired by virtual spaces, this award-winning volume brings the culture of skateboarding to life while exploring the thrilling possibilities of 3d photography. skater and photographer sebastian denz spent three years travelling across europe photographing some of the best skateboarders within its borders. long before 3d became popular in current cinema, denz used its effect to capture these striking images, including portraits of skateboarders as well as action shots in various locations from diy spots to skate bowls situated in barns and backyards. denz built his own large-format camera to take the 3d pictures in a never-before-seen quality and produced unique images which come to life in three dimensions and pay tribute to skateboarding culture.

texts by martin roman deppnerklaus honnefgottfried jäger and sebastian denz.

112 pages with 88 colour illustrations (3d-anaglyph), hardcover & inclusive of two 3d glasses. edition of 3,000 by prestel publishing.

sebastian denz ©
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

yuh who?

this video footage was uploaded a few days back, on vimeo by the rad dudes at lost soul skateboards. amazeballz! chekkit, yo!!! \m/

yuh yanagimachi's part from magic camera.

pick up a copy of the full video, here.


“berlin”!!! \m/

just be very careful for what you wish for... 

lodown magazine x berlin ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

this time around our mission was to do an entire issue on our hometown of “berlin” - an ode to the city’s future and past with some present thrown in the mix for good measure.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our “berlin” issue.

- david lichtenauer... is dividing his time between building high-concept skate ramps, high-concept airplanes and high-concept miniature filmsets - amongst many other creative high-concept things.

- thomas von wittich... has been following berlin’s notorious graffiti crew “berlin kidz“ for two years - and luckily for us he always carried a camera with him. 

- moscowman... probably is the hottest ticket on today’s dance floors, not only in berlin but world wide - and we had a long conversation with the young Israeli about his mission to free all dance floors. 

- ruth wolf-rehfeldt... is an unfairly forgotten genius from the former gdr, whose art is very complex, very skilled, very elaborate - and it was entirely created with her trusted typewriter.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “berlin” from the likes of: lukas feireiss, andreas gehrke, anna uddenberg, live from earth, conny maier, zhivago duncan, alex gnädiger and many others.

cover by daniel josefson  (r.i.p. 1961 - 2016).

the “berlin” magazine has the format 200mm width x 250mm height and features high quality print, different paper stocks & comes with flaps + specials colors!
lodown magazine.

lodown magazine ©
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girl's new collaboration with ian reid pushes the envelope!!!

warning, the footages you're about to watch are NSFW, guise!!! so all ov y'all, please view at your own discretion, a'ight? thanks!

between the lines: ian reid x girl skateboards!

photographer ian reid and girl skateboard's co-founder mike carroll give us the lowdown on the opening of reid's new exhibition, “a day's work,” at these days, which not only showcases a healthy amount of reid's fetish photography, but marks the exclusive release of his skate deck collaboration with girl.

havoc tv ©
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girl skateboards x ian reid collection | out now!!!

girl skateboards x ian reid collection are available now in select shops and online at these days, here!

our man ian reid is one of the most gifted and original photographers and we teamed up for a new collaboration between girl skateboards and ian featuring his photography. check out some fun we had during the opening of his new show “a days work at these days gallery.

featuring: ian reid, mike carroll, tyler “manchild” pacheco and riana.

filmed and edited by john marello.

crailtap ©
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

dennis busenitz's “live wire” part!


dennis screams through the streets of san francisco, with his friends in tow, attacking every spot with his patented vigor. enjoy the ride...! \m/

spitfire wheels ©
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

the new issue of skidmark skatemag #39 is out now! \m/

kinky cover page...! just here to share the good stuff wit' y'all! enjoy reading / viewing it, yo!

skidmark skatemag ©
click on the image above to read / view skidmark skatemag #39.

you can also read and / or view skidmark skatemag past issues in da image link above too!

skidmark skatemag ©
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hoax mfg euro tour 2016!!! \m/

a hoax skate road trip from basque country, through france, belgium and germany.

clothing company, hoax mfg, packs in the crew for a tour of some european shredding...!!!

starring donovan rice, pepe nuñez, kevin wenzke, jairon maiden, yoeri vromans, koen willems “koekie", pedro tomas “pope", josh kotlega, sergio cadena, jaime ruiz de gopegui,pedro vivas baena, alain kortabitarte and special guests...

soundtrack by ilegal and the little fuller band...

edited by alberto sket scattolin...

filmed by sketj. hay...

hoax mfg ©
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enjoy, douche bags!

unemployable: 30 years of hardcore, skate and street!!!

stephen, peter, and matt hill x globe International x unemployable ©

“clearly we were unemployable. to the outside that meant we were losers with juvenile hobbies and no future. to us, it meant not following a conventional life path. we wanted a grown-up life that would match our teen lives: optimistic, innovative, and fun.” ―globe cofounder matt hill.

from the 1970s underground melbourne skate scene to a company with a presence in over one hundred countries, unemployable is the story of how three australian brothersstephen, peter, and matt hill―founded one of the world’s biggest skate, street, and surf companies, globe International. throughout several iterations, the company was the first australian skate shoe player; a creator and distributor of leading streetwear fashion labels such as stüssy, mossimo, obey and mooks; a producer of celebrated skate and surf movies; and from its earliest beginnings, a business that recognized the importance of connecting to the customer.

beyond the story of the hill brothers, the book features a large cast of players who ran globe’s debauched skate tours, infamous industry parties, exotic surf contests, frenzied stadium events, cutting-edge fashion parades, and red-carpet launches. in addition, it includes over 190 exclusive contributions from globe insiders and untold tales from the world’s most respected skaters and surfers including rodney mullentony hawk, cj and damien hobgood and many more. it also touches on globe’s affiliations beyond action sports.

a story about following your dreams, unemployable will resonate with a broad range of readers beyond a purely skate/surf/street audience.

500 illustrations!

view more photographs, here.


watch the anniversary book video below, yo!

also, check out the anniversary book on globe internationals' site, here.

globe international ©

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

the quiet leaf...

i got something really interesting in, earlier today...

“a skateboarder's view on low-key street culture, that's what it reads on the spine of these magazines below. it amazes me how much effort has been put in one of these. the editor in chief, jin yob kim, from seoul, korea, does a great job printing these quarterly issue magazines. so many good photography, art and write ups. it's really taking skateboarding magazines to a whole other level. i've only read and gone through the first two issues thus far and frankly speaking, i am in awe by the both them! such zen.

the quiet leaf ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.


#1 - japan issue.

this clip shows the first video project for the quiet leaf magazine, an independent quarterly publication based in seoul, korea. it deals with low-key movers and shakers in skateboarding and its creative sub-culture, including photography, jazzy hip hop, arts and literature.


#2 - france issue.

for the france issue of the quiet leaf we spoke to some of the most creative cats out there, and some of our featured artists put together a quick magazine launch at ofr. in paris. this clip shows benjamin deberdt, soy panday, olivier tavu ente and jean feil preparing the space and also a nice overview of the gallery.

the quiet leaf ©
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pick one of these up now!

p.s. if you want me to review and / or feature any of your skateboarding magazines / 'zines, drop me an email, here and i'll pass you my street address. thanks! =)

sneeze n°27, yo!!!

most ov y'all have never sneeze before in your entire life, have you? well, it's high time that you do so.

sneeze magazine ©

click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

the poster sized format magazine, sneeze is back with the new spring 2016 issue“the issue innit” and this time cover and main section goes to… supreme and supra skater: lucien clarke, photographed by kenneth cappello. this 27th issue also features poster-size spreads of clarke skating as photographed by kenneth cappello, q&a’s with ovo r&b two-piece majid jordan, print ads from thrasher magazinenicola tyson and princess diana. plus never been seen artworks from skater / artist ed templeton.

oh yeah, this here comes with one disposable jason markk “quick wipes” and a sticker too!

sneeze magazine ©
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obey: covert to overt book by shepard fairey!

got this book a couple of months back and never had the time to browse thru' it, but since now that i am done, here it is!

shepard fairey x obey giant x obey ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

about this book.
the seminal artist’s recent art and poster works, and his triumphant return to his street-art roots with murals, all in work never before published. shepard fairey rose out of the skateboarding scene, creating his “andre the giant has a posse” sticker campaign in the late ’80s, and has since achieved a mainstream recognition that most street artists never find. fairey’s “hope” poster, created during obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, is arguably the most iconic american image since uncle sam. fairey has become a pop-culture icon himself, though he has remained true to his street-art roots. obey: covert to overt showcases his most recent evolution from works on paper to grander art installations, cross-cultural artworks, and music / art collaborations. the book also includes his ubiquitous streetwear and chronicles his return to public artworks. his signature blend of politics, street culture, and art makes fairey unlike any other subculture / street artist working today. 

this book showcases the significant amount of art he has created the last several years: street murals, mixed-media installations, art / music events, countless silk screens, and work from his extremely successful obey brand.

about the author.
shepard fairey is an american contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. he earned a bachelor of fine arts in illustration from rhode island school of design in 1992. he is best known for his barack obama “hope” poster, which he created in support of the 2008 presidential campaign. his work has been included in the collections of several museums, including the smithsonian institution in washington, d.c.; the los angeles county museum of art; the museum of modern art, new york; and the victoria and albert museum, london.

obey giant ©
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and yet they still tore it down...

toronto demolishes diy skatepark...

despite yet having enough signatures before its date of due, toronto officials went ahead and tore the diy skatepark down. wtf?!!!

don't be despaired. fight on the good fight and never surrender! they can tear it all down, but we can always build bigger, mightier and better ones! 

toronto skateboarders have turned a derelict dead end corner into a thriving community diy skatepark. local businesses who support the initiative have informed the builders that city has plans to demolish the structure.

permanent diy skateparks have become essential community fixtures in montreal, vancouver, new york, philadelphia, seattle and various other cities. they are international cultural hubs and toronto is missing out.

the park has spawned a community skateboarders who are dedicated to taking care of the space and integrating into the community. 

watch this video to hear directly from the community, here.

please send emails in support to city councillor: ana bailão and provincial offences officer construction activities: wojtech goral.

please do your part and sign the petition, here.

sydney patterson has started up a facebook page to save toronto's diy skatepark below.

save toronto's diy skatepark ©

revolt, stay alive and resilient!

smog!!! \m/

life should be simple as it is, so does skateboarding and it’s cinematography style, like this one below! this one is so obviously shot with a vx1000 wit' a schneider optics death lens attachment. the raw beauty ov it all! chekkit, yo! \m/

filmer hands vol.1: smog.

a discretionary tale of friendship nurtured thru skateboarding and common values.

thank you!

filmer hands ©
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enjoy da soundtrack too!

Friday, November 04, 2016

skate the world: photographing one world of skateboarding!!!

got this national geographic and levi® skateboarding's book, skate the world: photographing one world of skateboarding by jonathan mehring yesterday evening.

foreword by tony hawk.

national geographic x levi® skateboarding x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

hit the streets with 200 exhilarating photographs of the world’s greatest professional skateboarders in action. in this dynamic collection, award-winning photographer jonathan mehring takes us from new york to hong kong to istanbul and beyond as he sets out to capture the heart and soul of skate culture on six continents. featuring stars like tony hawk, nyjah huston, and eric koston, mehring’s images have been published in top skateboarding magazines, and espn named him one of the sport’s ten most influential people. now, in his first book, mehring invites us along on his exhilarating photo adventures across six continents.

by capturing these experiences on camera and including complementary images contributed by other top skate photographers, mehring presents an exciting and artful look at skate culture around the world. with an adrenaline rush on every page, this book celebrates the joy of skateboarding and its power to inspire young people to overcome obstacles—on the board and off.

national geographic © levi's® skateboarding ©

p.s. check out the national geographic link above too!

levi's® skateboarding!!!

skateboarding in puerto peñasco, mexico.

our fall 2016 campaign shoot took place in puerto peñasco, mexico. in this 3-minute documentary, we follow a small, but energized community of skateboarders and help them build a new skate park.


community service - puerto peñasco, mexico.

the levi's® skateboarding crew broke ground at puerto peñasco's newest park, cutting the ribbon with the city’s mayor in march, 2016. they found the time to also build several new diy obstacles at the existing park and also hit the streets, encountering a handful of rad spots with the local skaters.

levi® skateboarding © the skateboard mag ©

Thursday, November 03, 2016

some new magazines i got yesterday evening!

first look ov the december 2016 issue of the bible with plunkett and ramondetta!

plunkett and ramondetta kick back after a potrero session and soak in the pages of the latest mag.


thrasher magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

what more do you need to know about this magazine shown above? it's the bible for dog's sake, man! the new issue ov thrasher magazine december 2016 - issue #437 with evan smith doing a kickflip over the rail to wall ride on the cover! shit is nuts!!! go out and git some, yo! \m/

thrasher magazine ©
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ollie magazines!

ollie magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

from right to left:
ollie 10 2016. october vol.210 and ollie 11 2016. november vol.211.

man... i can't remember when the last time was, that i got my hands on one of these magazine from japan... eons ago i suppose... (?)

these are more of a skateboarding fashion type magazine rather than a real skateboarding magazine, if you know what i mean...(?) also, the text are mostly typed in japanese, so i pretty much do not understand most of the write ups nor columns published. except for some headers of very well photographed images of certain skateboarding brands that i am familiar with. i suppose that's pretty much sums it all.

ollie magazine ©
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Monday, October 31, 2016

the last maniac!!! \m/

this short film uploaded on youtube a couple of days back, features a psychopathic looney a.k.a neckface loose on a crazy rampage while smoking his twirly pipe! shit is cray!!!

starring neckface and directed by ty evans.

what more can anyone ask for and watch on fuckin' halloweens' night? so fuckin' siqqq!!! \m/

an inside look at an urban nightmare! all hell breaks loose when neckface hits the pipe and hits the streets! if you get in his way- he'll have to kill you! he's the last maniac!!!

neckface: the last maniac features the original song “race to be human by piers baron. free download and more information are available here.

this was made possible by freefly systems.

shot with weapon 8k s35 and epic-w movi pro.

directed by ty evans.

produced by david garcia.

director of photography by mike poore.

edited by justin taylor smith.

neckface ©
check out neckface.

'cause it's neckface, biatch!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

peace park - the documentary trailer.

peace park is a documentary about a turf war ragging in a small park in the heart of montreal’s downtown core. fighting for the public space is a community of lifers that consists of drug dealers, crack addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and the homeless. there is also a community of skaters who use this spot because it’s perfect for skateboarding. the two communities battle daily over the space, but there exists a larger conflict with the city and broader elements of society who see both groups as “undesirable”.

local skateboarder david bouthillier has chronicled these conflicts for the past 12 years as the city and police embarked on measures bordering on the absurd in an attempt to rid the park of these communities and clean up the area’s image.

the documentary explores the historical importance of the neighborhood and how a series of attempts by the city to clean up the area has contributed to the current situation in the park. it looks at the present political conflicts between corporate greed and grassroots artists, and how different forms of underground culture, particularly skateboarding and graffiti, have made their mark on the public space.

a theme of tolerance is weaved throughout the story, told through interviews and personal accounts matched with raw, violent and highly disturbing footage that reveals a unique glimpse into the reality of the street life for many metropolitans.

a human perspective is maintained by showing individuals with problems that need addressing instead of a single problem while highlighting broader social and urban problems.

peace park ©
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

soma some european skateboarding magazines, yo!!!

got some of these european skateboarding magazines from rufus and ftc barcelona skate shops from barcelona, spain as gifts! thank you very nice!

:D x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

magazines from top left:

magazines from bottom left:
free skateboard magazine - issue 08 and grey - volume 03 | issue 06.

also, a few #macbalife, free wifi and damage corp. stickers fo' good measures, 'cause i am a sucka mafaka for skateboarding related stickers, yo! =D

some of the magazines wit' links above, contains e-mags in their respective sites, if any of y'all would like to check 'em out that is!

barcelona skateboarding ©
check out barcelona skateboarding.


Friday, October 14, 2016

magazines, mutafukkas!

first look: november 2016 issue of the bible with andrew reynolds.

the boss catches a copy of the new issue and waxes poetic from figgy’s front all the way to the back cover. we’re still making 200 page mags!


thrasher magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

got me'self the latest issue ov thrasher magazine november 2016 - issue #436 and i think the boss has got to be the first person ever, to be featured on the first look video of thrasher magazine to point out how many fucking shoe advertisements there are featured in the bible. ha!!! =D

also, fuck the 2020 olympics, which will be held in japan to have skateboarding as an event. fuck that bullshit, seriously! but if you’re into that sorta shit, and your perspective and angle of skateboarding is a form of “sport”, you do you, a’ight? who the fuck am i to force feed my personal views of the skateboarding culture to anyone, right? it’s the end of skateboarding as most of us have known it to be...

thrasher magazine ©
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youth by lodown magazine.

youth x lodown magazine ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence.

after the big anniversary issue #100 we thought it’s a brilliant idea to deal with youth and its subsequent cultures - before we’re getting too old to have a clue about it. this is the first issue in a series of shape-shifting editions in a mono-thematic fashion.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our youth issue

- don letts... the original culture clash master, who single-handedly turned a generation of punks into reggae enthusiasts, speaks his mind about youth culture’s rich past and rather sober present.

- mark oblow... has been busy building his own brand moblow between surfing, skating, consulting, shooting photos for various clients and enjoying the beaches and food of costa mesa

- less... the celebrated south korean photographer is an expert when it comes to capturing seoul’s youth, which has the tendency to completely lose it as soon as the weekend arrives.

- sylvan rand... was there, he witnessed all the new styles and movements and protests of the last five decades, and saw how the youngsters finally liberated themselves - and luckily for us, he finally decided to open his impressive archive to the public.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “youth“ from the likes of: trevor jackson, zuza krajewska, mike blabac, the internet, gaurab thakali, kazuhiro hori and many others... 

specs for the trump card players: 220 mm width x 274 mm height, portrait format, high quality print, different paper stocks, uv lacquer.

lodown magazine ©
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

ride in peace, dylan rieder...

today is a really sad day for the skateboarding community worldwide...

news came in all over the skateboarding social media, that dylan joseph rieder, passed on earlier today, the 12th of october 2016, at an early age of 28, due to complications battling cancer, leukemia to be precise.

you were really one of a kind, the best at what you did and also, a truly inspirational individual. yet you have gone too young, too soon... maybe the skate gods have better plans for you up there, somewhere...

ride in peace, dylan and my regards to all the legendary skate rats that have passed on and are there with you above the clouds.

legends never die and you'll forever be remembered in our hearts. thank you for the mark and impact that you have made for the skateboarding culture, community and skate souls worldwide.

dylan joseph rieder ©

dylan rieder ©
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ride in peace.

Monday, September 19, 2016

hoojemaflap online blog 'zine about 'zines!

some ol' newzzz...

hoojemaflap ©
hoojemaflap ©

hoojemaflap wrote about ironxhanger some time back in '09. such an honour to be ranked one of the top online skate 'zines by them. the online web 'zine which was based in the uk, came to a halt at the end of '11. oh well... that's that! =|

hoojemaflap ©
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

first look at the october issue ov the bible with arto saari...!

living legend arto saari, our 2001 soty, takes a thorough journey through the latest issue.


thrasher magazine x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©

click on the image above to enlarge.

photo: pinkviolence.

great issue ov thrasher magazine october 2016 - issue #435 (a free sheet ov stickerzzz included too, yo!) as seen in da first look video with arto saari above, but in all honesty, “do you even subscribe, bro…?”=D

thrasher magazine ©
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Thursday, September 08, 2016

san antonio de los baños: a visual vignette!

the video is a 3 minute mood piece mostly shot in a small town called san antonio de los baños, cuba - where the second biggest skate scene on the island resides. on every trip to cuba, we visit this small town to deliver skate gear and support the town's emerging skate community. we bring havana skaters on these trips, and it's a great way to build and grow the island's skateboarding family. shot in july of 2013.

a big thanks to insightful for the licensing of his music!


veedro films follows a crew of talented and restless skaters from havana, 23yg, as they team up with american skateboarder miles jackson to build a state-of-the art skate park and vie for a chance to host their country’s first-ever international skate competition. the crew faces challenges. their current skatepark is decrepit and needs repairs before they can host a first-class skate competition, sponsors are hesitant to work around a harsh american embargo, and there are many bureaucratic hurdles in the way before the cuban government approves construction permits.

but over the 9 months it takes to build the park, jackson and 23yg will prove that they can overcome cultural prejudice, bridge the gap between cuban and american bureaucracies, and host a skate competition, opening cuba to a global cultural movement.

cuba skate ©
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