Saturday, August 16, 2014

video check out: cody hale!

home: underhill, vermont
age: 25

plans for the summer: back to vermont for cliff jumping, hiking, boating, and hanging with the homies.
best skate shoes of all time: dc mikey taylors.
city for skating: la is pretty proper, though new york is my kind of city.
post session beverage: modelos or water.
funniest movie: this is the end or step brothers.
last article of clothing you bought: socks. you can never have too many.
new video that gets you hyped: any of the new bobby worrest parts.
words of advice: never forget your roots.

cody absolutely rips! definitely an all terrain vehicle and a fun guy to skate with. he’s not new to the game but he is new to la. welcome brother! this guy is a ledgend.