Saturday, August 30, 2014

end of summer / labor day weekend 2014!

kings of fall!

it’s that time of year again. this one is a little different because it includes a quick euro interlude from our time in paris and copenhagen this summer. thanks to everyone who looked out while we were out there: rich homie juan, frey dogg, hjalte (i lost your line for some unknown reason, sorry, i’m an idiot), etc. enjoy your long weekend and start planning those outfits for nyfw14!

features alexander mosley, connor champion, kadeem walters, ty lyons, tyler tufty, josh velez, michael gigliotti, matthew perez, jon diaz, haffa, jack sabback, antonio durao, pryce holmes, torey goodall, danny brady, frey dogg, pad dowd, andre page, emilio cuilan, rich homie juan, rory milanes, kevin tierney, uptown eddie and chris haslam’s ex-girlfriend.

contributing filmers: andre page, richard quintero and josh velez.

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