Friday, August 08, 2014

ninja turtles ii by decool toys!

toys? i fukkin' ♥ toys! teenage mutant ninja turtles, summore! wowzerz!

ironxhanger x decool toys ©
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photo: pinkviolence

so, i went to the convenient store earlier to get a deck of smokes and i stumbled across these! how fukkin' cool is that? they cost 3sgd each and i had to get 'em all! i also had to self assembled them myselfwas worth the 12sgd spent all together! they are produced by decool toys, a lego bootlegged toy company but who cares, right? they are fukkin' dope, anyways!!!

from  left to right:
501: leonardo, 502: raphael, 503: michelangelo and 504: donatello!


the figurines below are from series one and i only have shredder from this set, as i couldn’t find da rest… oh well... =(

decool toys ©
da packaging boxes!

decool toys ©
da figurines from series one!
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images: decool toys

decool toys ©
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