Thursday, October 30, 2014

hey charlie! come on, charlie!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

pictured above is my old, raggedy and smelly ass d.i.y screen printed charles bronson tee and some of their records that i own of 'em, that i could find in my junk pile of records. dekalb hardcore at its finest! i used to dub their records onto a cassette tape and play it in my portable audio cassette player a.k.a walkman and skate to these jams way back then. i still love this shit! anyways, check out their tunes below, yo!


youth attack!

root beer!

r.i.p september '94 - august '97.

charles bronson ©
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vans product pillage!

vans x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

got me some shit from the vans' warehouse earlier today! hells yeah!!!

vans shoes company ©
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beautiful moment!

bad ass film! take forty minutes out of your day and enjoy the passion within this beautiful skate-scene upper! chekkit, yo!

the bay area skate scene is more alive than ever, as evidenced here in the full-length video "beautiful moment" by local lensman dayman torelli.

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the back bone!

independent truck company ©
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photo: independent truck company

i wish i had an industrial automatic screen printing machine like the one above, so i can print tons of t-shirts with no hassle...

and please, for those of you out there who think just 'cause ironxhanger makes merchandises, does not mean it's a brand. no, it's not! it's just a bloody blog for goodness sake! it's also not a company! it's a blog! kapish?

also, i'm a poseur, just like the lot of you! lol! =D


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


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image: pinkviolence


Friday, October 10, 2014

kr3w "rights refused" with eric dressen!

eric dressen is a man of few words but a multitude of talents. from a skate career spanning over three decades to his latest creative efforts as an internationally respected tattoo artist, eric has continued to exemplify how a life of diverse creativity can be carved out from the simple act of riding a skateboard.

we are proud to present the dressen x kr3w collection for holiday 2014.

directed by riley blakeway.

special thanks to mid town tattoo.

kr3w denim ©
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jak pietryga for grey skate mag video part!

jak petryga is an absolute beast, it’s a shock if he ever misses a trick and combines long lines with quick feet, as well as having a good eye for spots!

filmed and edited by mark kendrick.

grey skateboard magazine ©

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

converse cons | polar skate co. amsterdam launch!

for the launch of the converse cons x polar skate co. capsule collection at ben-g skateshop in amsterdam, we teamed up to do a very special #byobss on the sunday inspired by "polar's manhattan days" video.

we started out with a tight crew at ben-g for a proper brunch, skated the alleyway and then went on to charge through the city with a few makeshift obstacles donated by converse cons to make spots more skate able.

eventually we ended up at the #byobss hq olympiaplein to have a final sesh with the new obstacles, mucho beers and a proper bbq.

many thanks to all those who came out and converse cons for supporting this event.

riders: david stenstrom, kevin rodrigues, willem van dijk, noah bunink, bastiaan van zadelhoff, harmen bazuin, simon de boer, tycho henskes, federico da fies and othmar van rijswijk.

filmed & edited by yannick wijgman.

pop trading company ©
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milton martinez's "creature fiend" part!

this part starts solid and just keeps building. by the end, milton is destroying some truly enormous terrain. that backside 50-50 drop! unreal!

creature skateboards ©

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

trent hazelwood is now pro for 1031 skateboards!

this footy was released on late july 2014, sorry for da delay.

east coast powerhouse trent hazelwood is now pro for 1031 skateboards! watch him mash the gritty streets in this new edit!

filmed by dj williford.
edited by adam kure.
additional filming by josh metzger and matt mckeen.

1031 skateboards ©
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Monday, October 06, 2014

vox - monthly mash - episode one!

vox team riders danny dicola, truman hooker, shaun gregoire and frank shaw hit the streets, ditches and skateparks in the first installment of "monthly mash" - watch to get hyped for your weekend shred and remember to check back next month for more! 

vox footwear inc. ©
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on location with ben raemers!

a million locations... pick one. where you skate says just as much as how you skate. here's ben raemers on an undisclosed diy location in east london.

the berrics ©
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cold gravy!

cold gravy ©

cold gravy #32!


cold gravy #33!

the gravy skateboarding crew comes threw with episode #33 of cold gravy! an 8-bit instant classic!

skaters: tony potenti, kobe morris, jason ross, jose cuevas and matty hunt.

filmed and edited by daniel miranda.

gravy skateboarding ©

c1rca house: episode 18.

jimmy carlin, windsor james, david gravette & more shred coronado!

in this episode of #c1rcahouse we visit jimmy carlin’s hometown of coronado and then make our way up to the alga norte skatepark!

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

Sunday, October 05, 2014

in transition: tom remillard!

10 skaters, 10 locations. in transition: a tranny contest like you’ve never seen. we picked 10 of the most progressive skaters on the planet to choose one location each—any location in the world—and film a full part. tom remillard takes on washington street. keep checking back each day for a new part. we've just begun!

check out every single day at the berrics for new in transition videoshere! so, it's three down and seven more to go! right on! ride on!

bones wheels x independent truck company x rvca ©



through the eyes of different generations of skaters, we get a glimpse of what it means to live and breathe skateboarding. “it’s our life... it’s devotion”.

filmed in the berrics, lake sequoia, ca. and geraçoes skate park, cascais.

skaters: francisco lopes, george pool, andrew verde, robbin de witt, ivan montero, dlamini dlamini, kevin sikes, yamato kosuzu, dashawn jordan, dereck holmes, woody woelfel, jeremie boivin, tyson peterson, john purcell, corey millet, sam atkins, kevin ramsay, ronnie kesner, buster sullivan and dylan williams.

directed by julien mazard.

additional footages by ryan neddeau and sami el hassani.

photography by julien mazard.
photography podium mic by nuno capela.

dakine europe ©
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Saturday, October 04, 2014

shredder - paul regan!

paul regan sent us over his shredder video and his video part for fabric skateboards.

filmed and edited by andy rayner, natt hirst, elliot tebbs, james clifforde, royce honeysett, marc banks and fabric skateboards.

fabric skateboards ©
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Friday, October 03, 2014

krooked skateboarding x adidas skateboarding!

adidas skateboarding is pleased to present our collaboration with krooked skateboards. join mark gonzales as he skates throughout new york city and explains some insights that include why he likes manhattan, why he doesn’t like brooklyn and who kev-lar is.

krooked skateboarding x adidas skateboarding ©

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

andrew classon welcome to langley!

presented by coastal riders and dirtmedia.

andrew classon filmed an entire street part in langley, bc.

filmed & edited by dallas lang.

coastal riders ©dirtmedia ©
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vivos apparatus x ironxhanger collab for pinkviolence!

vivos apparatus x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
pinkviolence "skateboarding ruined my life!" t-shirt!

vivos apparatus x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
pinkviolence "skateboarding ruined my life!" tote bag and vivos apparatus stickers!
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ironxhanger's very first official collaboration with vivos apparatus with my signature trademark name on it, "pinkviolence"! hells yeah!

moon and i worked on this collection the whole of last night and it turned out pretty well.

the t-shirts cost 25sgd and are made to order in what ever size, colour of the tee and the ink of the print of your preference. the tote bag cost 15sgd and is made solely d.i.y from scratch by moon, herself!

drop me an email, here or moon, here, if you're interested! thanks! =)

vivos apparatus ©
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

c1rca house: episode 17.

windsor james, jimmy carlin, david gravette & more in la.

this week the crew heads up to la, we hit the famous star park with the real homies, checked out lincoln park and jack and robbie get down on the redondo rail.

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

the ride channel © c1rca footwear and apparel ©

Saturday, September 27, 2014

north // west!

buttery...! for optimum pleasure, watch it in 1080p! now!!!

featuring: julian shaw, charles myatt, scott anderson, miles kondracki, jah ruler, george horler, daniel nicholas and jack mccallum.

filmed in edinburgh from july to mid september 2014.

additional filming by graham tait.

north skateboard magazine ©

Friday, September 26, 2014

pass port in new zealand 2014!

view the tour article in issue #32 of the skateboarder's journal.

filmed by james james.
edited by trent evans.

pass port ©
check out pass port.

tony manfre on the spot!

the one and only tony manfre gets steezy on the concrete lumps and ledges of the cow palace diy in san francisco. brought to you by oj wheels, independent trucks and strange notes.

oj wheels ©
check out oj wheels.

adidas originals x palace skateboards!

welcoming palace skateboards into the adidas originals family!

the first collection from the collab drops worldwide 27th September 2014.

palace skateboards x adidas originals ©

david sanchez's "consolidavid" part!

fukkin' raw skateboarding!

david sanchez has a raw, aggressive approach to skating and he destroys all transitions! his remarkable glue-feet keep him on the grip and allow him to roll away from everything!

consolidated skateboards ©

scott stevens skate part for 2014 "no country for bad burke"!

siq tricks!!! 'nd snowboarding! snowboarding???

i apologize for the delay. uploaded it the early saturday morning. drove out to a wedding… meanwhile my internet crashed ad the upload never finished… i’m back it’s up and hope you like feet touching the ground. thanks for the patience. the whole video will be out soon, some of the guys wanted a few more tricks for their parts.

change that tape ©
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wes kremer's "extra crusty by nature" part!

check out this ten minutes footy of wes kremer! bangin'!!!

simply amazing! kick back and enjoy this behind-the-scenes journey, featuring slams, outtakes and never before seen footy. wes is best!

also check out wes' "crusty by nature" part, here!

thrasher magazine x dc shoes ©
check out thrasher magazine and dc shoes.

manhattan days - a film by pontus alv!

manhattan days is a film composed by pontus alv celebrating the converse cons polar skate co. ctas pro and featuring cons and polar riders aaron herrington, kevin rodrigues, david stenström, jerome campbell, dane brady and pontus himself.

taking inspiration from back in the day when you skated all over the city we carted around some east coast style plates and a pole jam in a skateable shopping cart and just let the skating happen!

converse cons x polar skate co. ©
check out converse skateboarding and polar skate co.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

marky goes to europe!

the polo cholo, marky numbers went to europe this summer with no plans other than to take a train (run a train?) all over and skate some terrain. this is him in his alter ego's natural habitat.

welcome skateboards ©