Wednesday, July 30, 2014

oj wheels who the f#ck is daniel malkovich?

in this "who the f#ck" brought to you by oj wheels, daniel "malky" malkovich races around town smashing whatever lays in front of him. surfed out. baked out, with plenty of style to spare. oj, the wheel deal.

oj wheels ©
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welcome skate store at cons project ldn!

on sunday 27th july, the welcome team and some of the bros missioned to london for a session at the cons project. thanks to jerome campbell and converse for having us! it was a blast!

featuring mike arnold, dale starkie, tom zealand, cainan mcewan, chris parsons, brenna, foz, tom herbert and liam hobson.

edit by josh hallett.

welcome skate store ©
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eli reed "love all" part!

organika pays tribute to eli reed's street artistry with his new pro model deck. pick one up and get creative in your neck of the woods.

eli's first organika pro model is available at the kayo store, here.

organika skateboards ©

Monday, July 28, 2014

jason park's "friendship" part!

skating level: asian!

jason has been an underground board control wizard for some time. he's like a mad scientist having a blast with his abilities. never been done? hell, this part has things no one has dreamed of. you have to watch this!

the friend ship skateboards ©

"skate or diabetes" 'zine up for pre-order!

ryan salter x weasel face ©
photo: ryan salter

i have put "skate or diabetes" 'zine up for pre-order here. 'zines sell out pretty damn quick, i always get people mailing me asking, if i have any ‘zines left because they missed it when i put them up for the first time… so, i'm putting up this pre-order so you can guarantee yourself one...

they will be printed in a weeks time. when you pre-order, you'll get a bunch of stickers too!

34 pages full of dumb drawings!

weasel face ©
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city cutts randoms...

makeshift and inanimate skate objects throughout san francisco. with tom brinkerhoff, sean megley, harrison hafner, tjark thielker, bobby groves, cameron others, neils, mike sullivan, joey, cutter macleod, dan debarros, brett nichols, daniel wienstien, anthony bartholomew and andy glagola.

lowcard mag ©
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justin albert's "a place in time" video!

skate videos like this need a name: they're homie vids but with pro skaters right along with underground rippers. and most of all, there's an attention to detail which produces an incredible video to watch.

featuring caswell berry, ben raemers, mark suciu and many others.

thrasher magazine ©
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trent hazelwood turns pro for 1031 skateboards!!!

east coast powerhouse trent hazelwood is now pro for 1031 skateboards. watch him mash the gritty streets in this new edit!

filmed by dj williford.
additional filming by josh metzger and matt mckeen.
edited by adam kure

1031 skateboards ©
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a fish called whaanga!

joseph whaanga’s done it once again, producing a part leaving everyone lost for words. along with some of the finest skateboarding around, the part also features cameos from the rest of the def squad. this is a taste of what’s to come, with the full length def video, "one", being released at some stage next year.

filmed by boonz, kevdoggy, kyle chucky o'reagen, hog, ian ferguson, nathan tonkin, jo whaanga, toby locke, lee boltin, chey ataria, shamo shariff, max couling.
edited by jesse (boonz) abolins reid.
animation by otis prinz.

def mfg co ©
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

guildford skatepark 'check in' with chris pulman.

decade store presents the fourth edit showcasing the skate scene in & out of surrey. chris pulman checks in at guildford for a park session.

filmed & edited by austin elliot-bristow.

decade store ©
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

lost art - cons project london.

we recently bungled the scouse house massive into a convoy of motor vehicles and made the trip down to the cons project london. there was a full crew in attendance namely dave mackey, evz, geff, rauiri jones, will kynaston, joe mccombe, luke fletcher, russ weasle and charlie birch even now london local boys tom tanner, guy jones, tom harrison and our men on the inside ben raemers and jerome campbell were along for the ride. plenty of laughs and some outright bangin’ manouveres went down so stop typing youporn in the search bar, get your hand of your dick and get watching!!! shout out to jerome for hooking us the fuck up and kev parrott for helping with the filming, scouse.

lost art ©
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sergej vutuc's book and 'zines plus video!

copped these sergej vutuc's book and 'zines last evening.

click on the image above to enlarge.
image: pinkviolence

something in between is the title of sergej vutuc’s latest book, released by fine art publisher snoeck in cooperation with carhartt work in progress.

the 104-page book comes with a matte hardcover and features 70 black and white illustrations, digitalized from handmade prints that sergej vutuc produced in his darkroom using multiple ways of manipulation and printed on a heavy, uncoated paper. jocko weyland, a new york based artist and author of “the answer is never”, illustrates vutuc’s works in his essay “make dead city more nice” in the back of the book.

something in between exhibition / work in progress with performs. 
leopold hoesch museum in dueren, germany.
skaters: vincent gootzen, jo gabler, klaus-dieter span and others (not covered here). 
video by florian schneider.

the two black and white photography print 'zines in the image above are self published by sergej vutuc himself.

carhartt work in progress ©

Thursday, July 24, 2014

the lawless ones: b sides.

episode one is b-sides from the flick. settle in to some concrete ripping with little chris, mason merlino, gregson, cody lockwood and more!

transworld skateboarding ©

behind the cover - lee yankou.

lee yankou kills it and has seriously one upped himself earning his first u.s. skate mag cover and deservedly, so when you acknowledge how absurd it is!

lee does a backside ceiling rad that made it into our 'favourite wallrides of all time' post here, but this frontside ceiling ride is fucked!

transworld skateboarding ©

i-s' dogtown skates t-shirt!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence.

pictured above is i-s a.k.a namelbisivni, he's rocking a japanese dogtown skates t-shirt that he got as gift from jaymz a.k.a delta ix! fukkin' lucky bastard! =P

dogtown skateboards ©


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

chris haslam & bros in china!

bones wheels pro chris haslam was itching to go on a trip, so he contacted his pal steve nesser from send help, who decided to bring an up-and-coming am for the brand, tabari cook. destination? guangzhou and foshan, china. brian caissie tagged along as the one-man media assault unit, handling the photography and filming duties for our “hazbros: made in china” feature.

filmed & edited by brian caissie.
additional filming by will cui.

“hazbros: made in china” digital article and photo extras, here.

concrete skateboarding ©

converse cons skateboarding shoes!

these kicks are sweet!

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
black / green mid tops.

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
grey / purple low cuts.

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
red / blue low cuts.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

stumbled upon these vulcanised converse skateboarding shoes at a local mall (i won't tell you where it is, 'cause it's at a secret location), stashed at a corner. i don't know what models they are but they are definitely value for money and these are definitely authentic! just check out the inner tongue, it has the lobster patch sewn on it.

the mid tops were going for only 69sgd and the other two for 65sgd each. i remembered these going for more than a hundred a pair but apparently they don't come with their shoe boxes tho', 'cause all of them were stacked up in a pile.

they were also a bunch of cons cts in a variety of different colour ways and many more models, price ranging from 40sgd to 70sgd each but i was in a hurry to take pictures of 'em. oh well... maybe next time, if they are still in stock.

i personally wanted to snap a pair of those mid tops, just for recreational use but the largest size is us10 and i wear us11 / 12 shoes (depends on the cutting). well, that's just too bad for me, i guess...? =|


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

nick trapasso's "theatrix" part!

that laid back flick and style from trapasso makes the tough stuff look easy. nick kicks off le week with a killer part set to a tripped out track. solid!

thrasher magazine ©
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// sydney movements //

a collection of sydney skateboarding feat. sammy winter, bjorn johnston, chima ferguson, josh pall, ryan wilson, jon lorcan, juan onekawa, dean palmer plus more.

panther army ©
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rat poison: sebo walker.

sebo walker's part in sk8rats' new video, rat poison, has everything you could ask for - techy ledge lines, successful rail biz, a solid manual game and even a banger on the santa monica triple set. and with sebo's signature style tying it all together, we're left with an amazing video part.

be sure to purchase the full-length version of rat poison, here.

filmed and edited by shane auckland.

sk8rats ©
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flip ’3′!

fukkin’ awesome!!! hells yeah!!! \m/

years ago, flip skateboards added some really young rippers to their team with louie lopez and curren caples to plant the seeds for tomorrow’s flip team. well, tomorrow is now and the boys are all grown up. along with alec majerus, who just recently joined louie and curren in the pro ranks, the trio filmed together for flip’s latest video offering simply titled "3". directed and filmed by arto saari with the help of josh zucker and others over only a few months, this video is just a glimpse into how these three newest pros on the flip roster can carry the torch for the second generation of flip.
flip skateboards ©
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p.s. if you can't watch the video on this blog, head over to transworld skateboarding's site, here.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

'fantasy island'.

the second yardsale promo, filmed in la over 8 weeks.

featuring: darius trabalza, jason landau, david bowens, jhian namei and curtis pearl.

yonnie cruz's "static iv" part!

yonnie's reputation for fast, fun-to-watch skating continues here. he has a loose style and constantly pulls surprises out of his bag of tricks. static sure knows how to pick 'em.

thrasher magazine ©
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dgk's "blood money" video!

dgk has again earned their reputation for progression and classic moves with a twist. this video rips! marquise is a board control wizard with one of the great modern styles. and as for boo? you have to see it to believe it. the entire dgk crew is also represented in this major feature.

dgk ©
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huf x thrasher 2013 “stoops euro tour” collection.

this collection came out last year, 2013, coinciding with the “stoops euro tour”. i really want this cap and the t-shirt!

huf x thrasher ©
huf x thrasher snapback cap!

huf x thrasher ©
huf x thrasher t-shirt!
click on the images above to enlarge.
image: huf

coinciding with the recent stoops euro tour, san francisco’s huf and skateboard magazine thrasher have partnered to produce a very special capsule collection. this limited-edition collection consists of a variety of co-branded products, including the soccer-inspired arena low-top shoes, breathable polyester soccer jersey, cotton t-shirt, pullover fleece hoodie, snapback cap, plantlife sock, pin set and travel bag. the huf x thrasher “stoops euro tour” capsule collection is now available for purchase at huf.

huf x thrasher ©
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p.s. you can watch the entire “stoops euro tour” video, here!

diamond supply co. fall delivery part 1.

seriously, tons of awesome shit dropping this fall!

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

click on the images above to enlarge.
image: diamond supply co.

diamond supply co. fall delivery 1 is now live online & in store, with all new cut & sew pieces, tees, hats and accessories.

cop them soon before they are all gone to the re-sellers.

diamond supply co. ©
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p.s. how many of you out there know that diamond supply co. is not actually a clothing company but a skateboard hardware brand? if you don't know, now you know skater!

ironxhanger's posse just got bigger!!!

ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

introducing namelbisivni, delta ixwk 1 and me, pinkviolence to the new crew of ironxhanger skateboard fiends!

tons of new projects coming up soon with the team. we'll be producing new t-shirts designs / illustrations, embroidered patches, cut & sewhoodie jackets and buttons and it will be making a reality soon. so peel your eyes out for that!

also, do check out our facebook page for more updates on the latest surfaces.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

geoff mcfetridge: krooked guest artist profile.

krooked visits the studio of guest artist geoff mcfetridge.

limited edition geoff mcfetridge boards available at select skate shops now.

krooked skateboarding ©

silent partners vol. 1!

another audio visual offering from the crew!

paranoid  illuminist  skateboarding!

silent partners ©
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ironxhanger x fucking awesome ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
image: fucking awesome

all you skateboarding dickheads should own one of this long sleeved t-shirt! why? 'cause it's just too fucking awesome! 'nuff said!

fucking awesome ©
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