Tuesday, July 22, 2014

nick trapasso's "theatrix" part!

that laid back flick and style from trapasso makes the tough stuff look easy. nick kicks off le week with a killer part set to a tripped out track. solid!

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// sydney movements //

a collection of sydney skateboarding feat. sammy winter, bjorn johnston, chima ferguson, josh pall, ryan wilson, jon lorcan, juan onekawa, dean palmer plus more.

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rat poison: sebo walker.

sebo walker's part in sk8rats' new video, rat poison, has everything you could ask for - techy ledge lines, successful rail biz, a solid manual game and even a banger on the santa monica triple set. and with sebo's signature style tying it all together, we're left with an amazing video part.

be sure to purchase the full-length version of rat poison, here.

filmed and edited by shane auckland.

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flip ’3′!

fukkin’ awesome!!! hells yeah!!! \m/

years ago, flip skateboards added some really young rippers to their team with louie lopez and curren caples to plant the seeds for tomorrow’s flip team. well, tomorrow is now and the boys are all grown up. along with alec majerus, who just recently joined louie and curren in the pro ranks, the trio filmed together for flip’s latest video offering simply titled "3". directed and filmed by arto saari with the help of josh zucker and others over only a few months, this video is just a glimpse into how these three newest pros on the flip roster can carry the torch for the second generation of flip.
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p.s. if you can't watch the video on this blog, head over to transworld skateboarding's site, here.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

'fantasy island'.

the second yardsale promo, filmed in la over 8 weeks.

featuring: darius trabalza, jason landau, david bowens, jhian namei and curtis pearl.

yonnie cruz's "static iv" part!

yonnie's reputation for fast, fun-to-watch skating continues here. he has a loose style and constantly pulls surprises out of his bag of tricks. static sure knows how to pick 'em.

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dgk's "blood money" video!

dgk has again earned their reputation for progression and classic moves with a twist. this video rips! marquise is a board control wizard with one of the great modern styles. and as for boo? you have to see it to believe it. the entire dgk crew is also represented in this major feature.

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huf x thrasher 2013 “stoops euro tour” collection.

this collection came out last year, 2013, coinciding with the “stoops euro tour”. i really want this cap and the t-shirt!

huf x thrasher ©
huf x thrasher snapback cap!

huf x thrasher ©
huf x thrasher t-shirt!
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image: huf

coinciding with the recent stoops euro tour, san francisco’s huf and skateboard magazine thrasher have partnered to produce a very special capsule collection. this limited-edition collection consists of a variety of co-branded products, including the soccer-inspired arena low-top shoes, breathable polyester soccer jersey, cotton t-shirt, pullover fleece hoodie, snapback cap, plantlife sock, pin set and travel bag. the huf x thrasher “stoops euro tour” capsule collection is now available for purchase at huf.

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p.s. you can watch the entire “stoops euro tour” video, here!

diamond supply co. fall delivery part 1.

seriously, tons of awesome shit dropping this fall!

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

ironxhanger x diamond supply co. ©

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image: diamond supply co.

diamond supply co. fall delivery 1 is now live online & in store, with all new cut & sew pieces, tees, hats and accessories.

cop them soon before they are all gone to the re-sellers.

diamond supply co. ©
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p.s. how many of you out there know that diamond supply co. is not actually a clothing company but a skateboard hardware brand? if you don't know, now you know skater!

ironxhanger's posse just got bigger!!!

ironxhanger ©
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introducing namelbisivni, delta ixwk 1 and me, pinkviolence to the new crew of ironxhanger skateboard fiends!

tons of new projects coming up soon with the team. we'll be producing new t-shirts designs / illustrations, embroidered patches, cut & sewhoodie jackets and buttons and it will be making a reality soon. so peel your eyes out for that!

also, do check out our facebook page for more updates on the latest surfaces.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

geoff mcfetridge: krooked guest artist profile.

krooked visits the studio of guest artist geoff mcfetridge.

limited edition geoff mcfetridge boards available at select skate shops now.

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silent partners vol. 1!

another audio visual offering from the crew!

paranoid  illuminist  skateboarding!

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ironxhanger x fucking awesome ©
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image: fucking awesome

all you skateboarding dickheads should own one of this long sleeved t-shirt! why? 'cause it's just too fucking awesome! 'nuff said!

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cosmic vomit 2 v.i.p friends.

the current wknd filmer, grant yansura, just shared the friends montage section from his great cosmic vomit 2 dvd, one of 2012 best independent projects with parts of people like austyn gillette, bert wootton, jesse alba or closing the video, blake carpenter and johan stuckey, who had been shared previously on his channel.

buy the full length for 5.95usd, here!

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balisong knife skateboard!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

check out mr. jaymz's a.k.a delta ix hoodie jacket. dope ass!!!

skate and destroy!


imperial motion ‘warped speed’!

justin strubing, steve perdue, jose rojo, jon nguyen, peter raffin and jimmy carlin in the emerald city as seen in the imperial motion article from our august 2014 issue.
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gx1000: road kill!

killa’ parts!

the streets belong to us but keep your eyes peeled or pay the price. it's a jungle out there!

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tony karr's "welcome to heroin" part!


his part dropped into our inbox and we're stoked. the rad line at 1:50 really seems to capture tony's overall vibe. this also has a strange, dangerous-looking ender.

heroin skateboards ©
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pinkviolence's hesher jacket!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

a revamp of my personal hesher battle jacket! only more buttons / pins were added to it. please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about it. thanks! =)

go d.i.y or go home!


my obey giant iphone 5s casing!

ironxhanger x obey giant ©
allen, a friend of mine who works at a mobile phone store, gave me this obey giant casing for my iphone 5s, as a gift last evening. hells yeah! thanks a lot, bro'! much appreciated! \m/

i don't even care, if it's fake or original. it's still dope none the less!


Friday, July 18, 2014

agents provocateurs: 100 subversive skateboard graphics.

ironxhanger x sebastien carayol ©
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skateboard graphics took a quantum leap in offensive potential after the sport was reborn aesthetically and otherwise in the 90s. artists such as marc mckee, todd francis, mike hill, michael sieben, ed templeton, sean cliver, moish brenman, fos, ben horton, alyasha owerka-moore, eli morgan gesner, jeremy fish, brice raysseguier, johnny mojo munnerlyn, alex kramer, todd bratrud, winston tseng and others brought dark humor and politically incorrect topics to the forefront of their illustrations. these artists intended not just to decorate and sell skateboards but also to raise serious issues and skewer values, deliberately evoking reactions from viewers. agents provocateurs asks new questions of this boundary-pushing artistic genre and its place over the years. did it save skateboarding? is it still possible to address such controversial topics twenty years later? what's left once all the envelopes have been pushed? these 100 boards and the artists behind them will form a clearer picture.


p.s. i gotta get this book too! =)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

zack whyel remix 2014!

short and buttery footy!

zack whyel remix 2014 whyelfiles part.

filmed by nate stout in los angeles, california.

whyelfiles ©
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the art of...

todd bratrud.

ironxhanger x todd bratrud ©

"what makes todd so brilliant is his inability to create anything ugly. he tries, lord knows, he tries. he instinctively finds the beauty in anything he draws whether it be broken and beaten women, severed limbs, dead animals, conjoined twins or dead baby fetuses. it's a rare gift to make people think a four-titted cow / chicken is adorable."
- chris nieratko.

this book contains a selection of todd bratrud's personal favorite works from recent years for companies including: flip, the skateboard mag, nike, volcom, enjoi, teenage runaway, the high 5 and more.

the release of these two seen unknown titles marks the beginning of a new mbp series, edited by winston tseng, art director for enjoi skateboards. tseng has worked with some of today's most genre-defying visual artists and designers whose work extends well beyond skateboard culture. from sneaker and apparel design to product packaging, posters, high-profile ad campaigns and fine art galleries, the work of these artists is often recognizable, though their creators' names remain unknown - until now. with seen unknown, tseng unifies the diverse range of work by some of his favorite artists, putting it all in once place for readers to enjoy.

todd francis.

ironxhanger x todd francis ©
"i swear there were times we got so carried away with ourselves that we really thought we could bring down skateboarding with one terrible idea."
- julien stranger on todd francis.

after the artist monographs warning: the art of marc mckee and i hate: the art of todd bratrud, comes the third book in the series look away: the art of todd francislook away examines the career of skateboard artist todd francis and his knack for provocation, pigeons, bums, eagles, vengeful nature and more.

while most people are familiar with his barrage of classic graphics for anti hero, real, stereo and element, todd francis reveals in this book a wider palette of styles and techniques. in 96 pages and over 200 reproductions of classic and never-before-seen decks, illustrations, paintings, sketches and even suicide-themed christmas decorations, look away strolls through a 20-plus year career built upon one motto: behind the gruesome, tell a deeper story. or, as francis sums it up: "it might be one step too far, but it's never the easy step too far."


i've already own a copy of warning: the art of marc mckee book. you can check it out, here! fukkin' awesome graphics and illustrations by marc. hells yeah!!! \m/

wins ©
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p.s. i'll be mail ordering these two books at the end of the month, so look out for 'em, a'ight? thanks! gst rebate, babe! hells yeah!!!

nassim guammaz!

siqqq lines! chekkit, yo!

day in the life in rotterdam, netherlands.

filmed by colin clark

edited by matthew haring.

the ride channel ©
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"the devil made me do it".

this book was released way back in 2009 but it's still legit! comes in a hardcover as well. amazon.com is selling it for 300usd! that's crazy money, i tell ya! *shish*

unknown ©
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image: unknown

following up on a successful opening of his latest exhibition devil’s disciple, neckface drops a new 156 page book entitled "the devil made me do it". the book features an introduction by kaws and an essay by carlo mccormick as well as photography by erik foss, jerry hsu, ako jefferson, atiba jefferson, norman lendzion, athena razo, giovanni reda and chris shonting.

i need this book badly!!! can somebody hook me up with it, pretty please? =)

ohwow ©
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p.s. good luck to those of us who has not have a copy of this book yet. it's so difficult to search for it on the internet. maybe, i'll just order it from my local giant bookstore.  oh well...

tony hawk - collectible action figure!

the simpsons - 25 of the greatest guest stars. series two.

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

like i mentioned in this previous post, here, that i'm not a big fan of tony but i scored this tony hawk simpsons figurine by neca earlier in da' evening at toy outpost at plaza singapura. it actually comes in a pack of six but i sweet talked my way to the sales lady just to get this particular figurine. she gave me a good deal too! only 30sgd, outta the whole bunch, which cost nearly 300sgd! hells yeah!!!

i fukkin' ♥ toys!

national entertainment collectibles association ©
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p.s. i'm so fukkin' stoked that i finally have my hands on this! =)

more skate stickers from delta ix!

ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

thanks, mr. jaymz for the awesome stickers gift! i really appreciate it, hommes! much respek!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

jack fardell's "hit and run" part!

when you manhandle a couple of san francisco's famous spots, people take notice. when you ravage the whole bay area, you get a feature video part for the whole world to see. fardell is on a tear!

spitfire wheels ©
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5boro in paris!

the 5boro team took their city skills from the gotham boroughs to the historic haunts of paris, france this past april to avoid the extended nyc winter and visit their french homies. this was the first time in paris for the young guys on the team (silvester, gonyon and jordan). check the full video.


video by tombo colabraro & ben chadourne.

transworld skateboarding © 5boro ©

product pillage with stu graham.

a shopping cart full of shiznits! fukkin' awesome!

in this most scottish product pillage, stu graham takes a trip through the nhs inc. warehouse, grabbing goodies from his sponsors: creature skateboards and independent trucks. ‘hey, put that santa cruz board down!'

creature skateboards © $trange notes ©