Tuesday, July 26, 2016

is skateboarding a “sport”?

not it is not, and here are 30 fukkin' good reasons why it isn't a muthafukkin' sport, biatch! yeah, yeah...! you can debate or argue about it all you want, but as for me, it's a fukkin' lifestyle & a culture, more than just a hobby and definitely not a muthafuckin' sport! git that straight, a'ight? ripped laces tells it like it is!

mike chen x ripped laces ©
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illustration: mike chen

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Friday, July 22, 2016

“inequality” - a skate film by jean-luc vida!

jean-luc vida was once a videographer / filmer for the infamous skatepark of tampa. this film below, showcase one of his best works yet, in my personal opinion. the ntsc format like video and also the rawness feeling of the film in its entirety, not forgetting the featured skateboarders' authenticity steez, makes this one of the best d.i.y full length skateboarding films by far for the year of 2016 in my books! you have to give it a watch! chekkit! \m/

inequality is a florida based full length skateboard film starring: derick glancy, malcolm seaman, yonis molina, markus jalaber, uncle sam bellipanni, eric mckenney, cory foster and features many more. 

filmed, edited, directed and produced by jean-luc vida.

contributing filmers: tristan mershon, stephen buggica, sam bellipanni, eric mckenney, derick glancy, richie valdez and waylon bone.

special thanks to: dan vida, mikah collins, chris preston, brad wyatt, eric mckenney, pat daly, denis frain, eric borne and jared & angela at ride channel.

to get a copy of inequality dvd, purchase it here.

jean-luc vida ©
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enjoy da film, yo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

daan van der linden, bitches!!!

daan van der linden is one hella bad ass mutha'! check out his volcom's “holy stokes!” over stokes outtakes and throwaways below, yo! \m/

the route one interview!!!

straight off a trans atlantic flight and ten hour deep into an epic boozing sesh, volcom's daan van der linden entertsined us no end during our exclusive interview. 

click play for talk of competition etiquette, joining anti hero and the tale of two baby owls. you have been warned…!

route one ©
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van der linden's “holy stokes!” over stokes!!!

now that daan has your attention, we don't need to say much more about this clip. you're gonna watch it! done deal!
- thrasher magazine.

volcom stones ©
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trspssng 'nd jmpng fncs, motherfuckers!

donovan strain ©
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art: donovan strain

trespassing, jumping fences and wrecking havoc! skate and annoy, motherfuckers! \m/

donovan strain ©
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august 2016 issue ov the “counterculture” bible!

first look ov da bible with louie barletta!!! \m/

skateboarding’s fountain of youth flips through the newest testament of the book and dishes out the gospel.


thrasher magazine x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

fuck you! go out and git a copy for yo'selves! 'nuff said!

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Monday, July 04, 2016

alas won ton “animal” chin has been found!!!

well not really, but... f.y.i this ain't d.i.y!!! middle finger salute to you, peter wheatstraw goral ov killer bootlegs!!! thank you very much for taking my money and ripping me off hollow, you fat motherfucker!!! i hope that you're very pleased with what you have done! foad, bitch!!!

killer bootlegs x the bones brigade x won ton “animal” chin ©

photos: peter wheatstraw goral

in the beginning...

a man named, won ton “animal” chin bolted skates onto a two-by-four and became the first skater. he had fun. others followed and a transportation revolution was born.

but one day dark forces began to invade the skateworld. animal chin was forced to go underground... until now!

28 years ago, skateboard company powell peralta released the legendary film “the search for animal chin”. it starred “the bones brigade", which included skateboarding greats tony hawk, steve caballero, tommy guerrero, lance mountain, mike mcgill, rodney mullen and mike vallely.

resin artist killer bootlegs has expertly handcrafted the first ever 3¾ action figure of the legendary old and wise skater. comes with hat and skateboard accessories.

killer bootlegs ©
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p.s. i suggest that all ov you should boycott killer bootlegs, as mr. peter wheatstraw goral did not send send me this particular figurine, that i actually paid for! fuck you peter wheatstraw goral!

Sunday, July 03, 2016

pinkviolence's d.i.y hesher vest!!! \m/

loops this muthafukkin' video, ya bastards! pinkviolence's ov ironxhanger skateboarding d.i.y hesher vest, yo! \m/

ironxhanger ©
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enjoy, yo!

Friday, July 01, 2016

the pabich brothers “bonded by blood” videos!

cedric pabich’s part!

the big p takes it all terrain, but with a special grudge against the backyard coping block. these bros rip beyond their years! \m/


roman pabichs part!

yüng pabich has classic '80s moves done on terrain that would have his forefathers crapping in their mad rats shorts. the future is in good hands! \m/

thrasher magazine ©
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

dustin dollin doing it proper with...

first look: july 2016 issue of the bible!

dustin is a long-time volcom veteran and he has plenty to say about the july 2016 mag and its holy stokes! coverage.


thrasher magazine x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

so, i got me'self the new-ish issue ov thrasher magazine july 2016 - issue #432 (holy stokes! issue) a few weeks back. on the cover page, it features a photograph ov daan van der linden doing an insanely siqqq frontside noseblunt slide! wtf right! this issue right here, also comes with free a volcom stone holy stokes! film poster and a sheet of stickers. what more do you want? cover to cover, jam packed with more than two hundred pages of madness, yo! shit is always tight! hells yeah! \m/

thrasher magazine ©
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

schmuzz, schfuzz & schpuzz!!!

lost soul skateboards x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

oh wowzer! look what came in thru' the mailbox just last week...? shizzler!!! a coupl'a d.i.y hand screen printed tee's and a whole bunch'a slaps from lost soul skateboards, y'all!!!

mad shoutouts 'nd appreciation to ray gurz, da head honcho ov lost soul skateboards, for mailing me this awesome li'l care package! you's a real duder, yo!

i also wanna apologise to mr. gurz here publicly, that i am truly sorry for not making it to allentownphiladelphia, for da video premiere ov “magic camera” last month, but anyways 'nd anywho, much thanks again for the goodies ya sent via post, yo!!! \m/

also, to all you peeps out there, who have been lurking around and what have yous, why donch'a do a teeny weeny favour 'nd grab ya'self a physical copy ov “magic camera” on dvd format, here! much thanks!

lost soul skateboards ©


p.s. watch the promo video for “magic camera” here, yo! \m/

Monday, May 16, 2016

the “stupid arse” dime video!

fruit boots, peeing and a dog pooping? fukkin’ dumb stupid arse fucktard retarded canucks! yeah, there i said it! =P

the fourth offering from montreal's dime, featuring will marshall, antoine asselin, jake johnson, jamal smith, alexis lacroix, joe valdez and many more.

dime ©
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

june 2016 ov da bible! \m/

thrasher magazine x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
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photo: pinkviolence

oh look what i came home to last night? the latest issue ov thrasher magazine, yo!

thrasher magazine june 2016 - issue #431 and it has been aeons since i've posted any images ov thrasher magazine issues that i received, nor even it's first look videos, here on ironxhanger's blog. meh...!

i mean who really reads this shit anyway, right? i'm pretty sure that most ov y'all out there (even non skateboarders), already know it by now! it has already became a household name, so to speak. how swell...!

on da cover right thur, dennis busenitz kickflips ova a bench at china banks in san francisco! hells yeah! \m/

thrasher magazine ©
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p.s. even the thrasher magazine's first look video for this issue has yet to be online... =|

lost soul skateboards “magic camera” promo video!

do check out lost soul skateboards' “magic camera” promo video below, yo! shanks a mill'!


lost soul skateboards' “magic camera” premiere, will be screening at the alternative gallery on da 21th ov may, in allentownphiladelphia(see da poster below fo' more information)

lost soul skateboards ©
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fukk corporate skateboarding! support skateboarders owned brands, companiesand shops worldwide! \m/

lost soul skateboards ©

enjoy da promo video!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

highway top hell: 10 years on the road!

watch the full kotr documentary right now on viceland. jeff grosso, jamie thomas, chris cole, beagle, frank gerwer, the phelper and many, many more recount the epic tricks, hard-fought battles and messed-up moments that make kotr the ultimate road trip. watch the new webisodes here, every week!

viceland ©
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p.s. if you're using a chrome browser on your computer outside of the united states, and can't seem to watch kotr on viceland, you might need to add this vpn extension, here.

worship friendship (full length)!!!

fuck off! nothing important here to see, read nor watch, and go fuck yourselves with a rusty screwdriver, in whichever hole in your anatomy you prefer!

a jackson casey joint!

featuring: marshall winter, aric blattner, dirty brett & auttiesh danger, stephen ostrowski, tyler franz, friends, preston harper, jonathan pierce, aj zavala, justin modica, robbie brockel, ryan sublette, chris milic and evan okeson.

pyramid country ©
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

pinkviolence and yoga from ironxhanger familia! \m/


throw away clips ov محمد‎ a.k.a pinkviolence.

shot and edited by pinkviolence.



yoga's short, short clip for ironxhanger familia!

shot and edited by pinkviolence in pulau bintan, kepri on 09032016.

ironxhanger ©
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

introducing skateboarders from cimahi, kota bandung, indonesia to the familia, yo!

being good at skateboarding is secondary. it's all 'bout having the passion for it! \m/

featuring: deathmentalusund and mfr

filmed by mfr.

edited by deathmental and pinkviolence.

ironxhanger ©
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

no surprise why! \m/

peep these videos below, yo!

soty 2015: ave's surprise party!

the soty trophy comes alive (thanks to cody green) to let ave know he's our guy for 2015!


fight/f*** ii the movie!

yeah, i know this video below has already hit more than 62k views. but for those who have yet to watch it, do it! now!!!

from ny to philly, the fa and hockey crew shred entirely in this fukkin' raw film! chekkit, yo! \m/

fucking awesome x hockey ©

ez, all!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

anthony van engelen - thrasher magazine's soty 2015!!! \m/

thrasher magazine ©

massive big ups and my outmost respek to the one and only anthony van engelen, for taking this year's title ov thrasher magazine's skater of the year 2015!!!

congratulations 'nd he's very well deserved it!!! especially for his ender part in vans' first 'nd only full length skate film, propeller!!! hells yeah!!! \m/

peep da footy below, if you think otherwise... (also, featuring jason dill)


“epic is an understatement...”

also, ave, is da epitome ov one 'nd da few shredders out there, with thrasher magazine's mantra“skate and destroy!”. he definitely has been one with da big league in ma books, yo! \m/

thrasher magazine © vans shoes company ©

Friday, November 20, 2015


ringo to da ironxhanger familia!

born in madrid in ’86, started skateboarding at the age of 15 and at 23 he turned father and had to leave skateboarding for a bit. his favourite tricks are heel flips and one footed crooks. his idols are rodney mullen, daewon song and roberto aleman, whom he is personal friends with. now he's back on the game, and will do all that he can imagine on the skateboard. when he thinks of a new trick, he doesn't stop 'til he gets it! like when he gets on a mini ramp, while he’s hand standing. well... that’s pretty much all...

what a rad duder!!!

filmed by adrian izquierdo.
edited by pinkviolence.

ironxhanger ©

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enjoy the video, folks!

“8:00am” (full video + bonus tapes)!

i know this video is kinda ol' and stuff, but anyways... for those who have not seen it yet, t'is one fo' you!

full video.


bonus tapes.

filmed and edited by colton elrod.
additional footages by nick vonwerssowetz, justin ching, christian alexander, zach chamberlin and david stoessel.

featuring: alex “tonz” wolslagel, alex fatemi, zech stewart, andy pitts, august johansen, ben drollinger, brett reed, christian alexander, david gimeno, doncarlo barone, joe caverly, trevor diehl, michael antonio, dustin henry, justin ching, elliot easom, joe staley, graig anderson, logan hillenbrand, reed goodman, stephen morrison, adam becerra and adrian vega.

dlxsf ©
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enjoy, yo!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

bandung, indonesia - irnxhngr familia! \m/

much more than folks ridin' fo' ironxhanger, we family! \m/

sund x irnxhngr x cloud

death mental x irnxhngr x cloud

click on the images above to enlarge.

photos: mfr

ironxhanger ©
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

vans blah blah blaaahhh!!!

got some goods from vans....

vans x independent x jeff grosso x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
a pair ov jeff grosso's sk8-mid pro shoes, a couple ov v56 standard jeans and a vans x independent truck co. pocket tee.

vans x independent x ironxhanger x pinkviolence ©
'nd also a vans x independent truck co. buena button-up jacket!

click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

hells yeah!!! \m/

vans shoes company ©
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Thursday, July 30, 2015


new york! new york! check out this full length video below! fukkin' raw! love it!!!

a new york city based skate video by sam fickinger.

filmed with a vx1000.

featuring: doug cool, carlos jaramillo, chris zack and zack fashouer.

eastcrust ©
check out eastcrust.

enjoy, yo!

warming up lines 2 with ega mp!!!

this cat is full'a steez! check out the video, yo!

introducing ega mp!!!

shot by dinda firmansyah.
edited by deathxmental.

kruxwear industries ©
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

first look at the bible - august 2015!

long time no blog nor updates.

austyn gillette and keith hufnagel checking out the latest issue of thrasher, august 2015! \m/


thrasher magazine x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

got me'self the latest issue of the bible, earlier in da evening. thrasher magazine august 2015 - issue #421. sooo goood...!!!

thrasher magazine ©
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Monday, June 22, 2015

july 2015 issue of the bible!!! \m/

thrasher magazine x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
photo: pinkviolence

got the new issue thrasher magazine july 2015 - issue #420 a.k.a the bible, a couple weeks back. i just went thru' it a coupl'a hours ago, 'cause i didn't have much free time then. what a fukkin' thick issue, filled with tons of awesomeness!!! go grab a copy, if you haven't. \m/


first look!

check out the footy above of supreme cats from nyc, tyshawn jones, sean pablo, aidan mackey and kevin bradley, as they go thru' the july issue of thrasher mag'while they're on a visit in san francisco.

thrasher magazine ©
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Sunday, June 07, 2015

bb4 (full video)!!!

thanks, mr. wrex cook, for sharing this video! massive props to the crew in arizona! skating in the heat? shit's just pure madness! check this out, yo!

bb4, is the fourth independent skate video filmed and edited by david smith. it was shot mostly in tempe, arizona.

special thanks to freedom boardshop and brimley skateboards.

david thanks for publishing your hard work (bb4) on ride. we will continue to support all filmmakers big and small.

filmed by david smith and andrew nicolaus.

order a copy of the dvd in the link below.

bb4 ©
check out bb4.

the cinder cone!

this back to nature, alternative lifestyle and also a little skateboarding, short docu-film, is too good not to be shared. this really changed my perspectives on the idea of alternative living space”. to sum this short, utopians living lifestyle and communing. that's just my personal humble opinion and take on what i've observed. please check this out and judge it for yourselves. also, share this video on the world wide web! thanks! 

in the spring of 2014, a small group of close friends broke ground on a building project in skamania county, washington in the columbia river gorge. their primary endeavor was a multi-platform tree house but also included a skate bowl and a wood fired soaking tub as well. the crew came from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds. some were professional carpenters, others learned on the job, gaining experience along the way. the cinder cone is foster huntington’s short film that documents this year-long process of building his dream home with this community of tight knit friends.

a farm league original.
directed by foster huntington.
edited by jess gibson.

check out the cinder cone build book on kickstarter, here, too!

farm league ©
check out farm league.

enjoy the docu-film!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

skate session in a house!

t'is an old one but still gold! i posted the other video of philipp schuster's skate villa, here, back in 2012.

take one neglected house, add a bunch of top skateboarders, throw in a few tonnes of building material and what do you get? the coolest skate spot in salzburg, created by skater philipp schuster and friends inside a once glamorous hunting lodge.

red bull skateboarding ©