Thursday, December 18, 2014

stuff from indonesia!!!

bjo x kruxwear industries x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

t-shirts, stickers, patches, buttons and staple 'zine, i got from my sponsor, bjo of kruxwear industries!

tremor x grym x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
tremor gave this t-shirt to me as a gift. hells yeah!!! if you do not know who he is, he does artworks for kruxwear industries, maternal and a whole lot of other brands. this is grym, his own production. salut, brotha'!

roy x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photos: pinkviolence

roy of duct tape surgery gave me these t-shirts, a bunch'a stickaz and a couple of happen mag's from jakarta, indonesia. thanks, gendut!

a whole list of thank you's to all that kept me up during my short stint in indonesia. thanks to all my sisters and brothers!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

kruxwear industries!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©

bjo from kruxwear industries from bandung, indonesia welcomes me (pinkviolence) to da 2015 team! hells yeah! \m/

thanks, brotha'! it's an honour! =)

kruxwear industries ©


alone in a distant land...

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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went for an indonesian skate tour alone from the fifth to seventeenth of december, twenty fourteen, that didn't go too well.

bad weather in tanjung pinang, sprained my left foot at the waterfall in east java (bandung) and now i am in jakarta.

met tons of cool cats, nice people! i'll upload the footages of the videos i took of the locals some other time once i've edited them, a'ight?

my flight leaves at ten pm tonight, jakarta time. bad luck, fukk! hahaha! =D

thanks to diqintremor, the pirata punxmoon from vivos apparatus, tini, bjo from kruxwear industriesroy and kiky for everything!


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

some stickers!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence

get these bunch of skate stickers from a local skate store. nothing much to say but what a waste of moolah! ha! =D


lifeblood's "service for the sick" full video!

lifeblood's second full length video! fukkin' siqqq!!! fukkin' gnarly ass fukk, i tell ya'!!! \m/

lifeblood skateboards ©

if you like surprises you're gonna love this! there's no guessing what you're going to see from one clip to the next. these guys skate everything and this is a full video that truly rips!

lifeblood skateboards ©
check out lifeblood skateboards.


yadda yadda yadda!

ironxhanger ©

copped this book by todd bratrud at a giant bookstore in da city earlier. haven't gone thru' it yet but check out da review, here, yo!


ironxhanger ©
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photos: pinkviolence

also, got the new issue of thrasher magazine january 2015 - issue #414. what a thick slab this bible is! betta than the previous month's ish', plus it comes with a free sheet of stickers and a couple of posters in it too! gid some!


Monday, December 01, 2014

politic‘s "mid worst trip"!

dave caddo, danny renaud, kevrick evans, taylor nawrocki and jason spivey in politic‘s "mid worst trip".

peep the photos, here!
- tws.

politic brand ©
check out politic.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

shake junt's "skate tank"!

part one!

only the shake junt family can make a skate van take on a life of its own. get it straight though, this is a hardcore edit of amazing skating. the boss gets this started and theotis wraps it up, with epic guests in between. more to come!


part two!

the skate tank's been on more missions than any vehicle in the world. there's too many guests to name in the rawest edit of the year but it feels so good to see figgy get an ender again.


part three!

the tank sees all. tk sparks it, t-funk brings the heat and white draws the curtains. oh yeah, there's a bunch of other ill shit in between!

thrasher magazine ©shake junt ©
check out thrasher magazine and shake junt

Friday, November 28, 2014

anti hero skateboards: destination unknown!

if you have not watched this yet, now is the time! =)

isn't life strange and rad and fucked up... thank fucking skateboarding for the grounding and perspective in this shit stew of consumer capitalism and naked hypocrisy. keep it raw! keep it lurkie!
- the management.

anti hero skateboards ©

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

epicly later'd: 20 years of chocolate!

part one!

chocolate has always been an elite skateboarding brand, so we jumped at the opportunity to do a "20 years of chocolate" episode. it gave us a chance to tap a lot of skaters that have never been featured on the show before and its an honor just to ride in chocolate's wake.

we filmed more interviews than we have for any episode before—and this is still a fraction of the stories we could have told. the brand has gone through many different incarnations and endured its fair share of hardships. enjoy!


part two!

in this part we talk about keenan milton, who got on the team a year or so after it formed. he was one of the best before his tragic death by drowning in 2001. the legendary 2003 skate video "yeah right!", features a short prologue paying tribute to keenan. every story we heard about keenan is what a great guy and friend he was and how much he is missed.

later on, we catch up with stevie williams to hear how chocolate inspired him to start his own brand, dgk.


part three!

after last week's heavy episode, it's time to relax and watch part three, where we cover kenny anderson's rise from a reluctantly sponsored vegas local to "your favorite skater's favorite skater."

we talked with kenny about learning under brian lotti and chris miller, riding for planet earth until the very end and how artist marc johnson made his mark on girl and chocolate. enjoy!


part four!

it's always interesting to see what skaters do after their time is up in professional skating and the difficulties they face entering the real world. we tracked down chocolate alumni everywhere from weed dispensaries to auto body shops to real estate firms. in the final chocolate episode, we tried to tie up all the loose ends and take a look at the future of the team. we also caught up with some of the trunk boyz and went to east la with vincent.

vice magazine © chocolate skateboards ©

blue headey's "theatrix" part!

here's an edit of steady street hammers from a ripping new blood.

Monday, November 24, 2014

thrasher vacation + yardsale!

siqqq vidoes! chekkit, yo!


with friends like these, who needs enemies? copenhagen gets hit hard. steady rollin’ son!



with a squad this insane, anywhere p-stone pointed his camera he was stacking clips with some of the best concrete destroyers in the world. here they lay siege to spain terrain.



well, fun in the sun never hurt so good. thanks for all of the cold ones and gnar concrete. who's next? where?

watch thrasher vacation: england, here!

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.


Friday, November 21, 2014

ben fisher fall apparel 2014 - "the daily grind".

we are proud to announce the release of our new fall apparel. we had the pleasure of working with ben fisher, sammy montano, david rodriguez, aaron brown and syndicate barber shop. thanks guys!

suavecito pomade ©
check out suavecito pomade.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

powell-peralta "nice beaver tour": part two.

watch part one of "nice beaver tour", here!

the powell-peralta team invaded western canada on their "nice beaver tour" for concrete skateboarding magazine’s issue #132. this is part two of their journey. thanks to stiffy'sstuntwood and authentic boardshop and to squamishpoco and surrey for having us.

featuring: charlie blairvictor acevesbrendon villanuevanolan munroe and zack kuehne.

filmed and edited by kolby harris.
additional fiilming by terry larue.
cover photo by brian cassie.

powell peralta ©
check out powell-peralta.

adidas originals x adidas skateboarding | benny & chewy | palace skateboards!

as representatives of adidas skateboarding and palace, chewy cannon and benny fairfax exemplify the essence of london street skating and can be seen in this exclusive edit extending the classic london style to spots all over the globe!

palace skateboards x adidas originals / adidas skateboarding ©

bobby worrest - off the grid!

bobby worrest heads "off the grid" through the streets of washington dc with zach lyons and daniel kim.

the berrics ©
check out the berrics.

thrasher vacation: england!

tune to this siqqq six minutes of pure gnarly-ness! in this video, grant taylor takes the muthafukkin' cake!!! 'nuff said... tune, yo!

everyone has their own dream vacation. we took a heavy crew to england to hit parks older than stonehenge. grant, raven, ronnie and more. you know the rest...

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

this is rob mathieson!!!

fukkin' sick ass artwork! \m/

enjoi x rob mathieson ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

this is an enjoi commercial for the artist rob mathieson.

enjoi © rob mathieson ©
check out enjoi and rob mathiesion.

skating an abandoned mental asylum in "the search for bldg.40"!

“we hit up a few abandoned spots to make this project happen but the one place we went back to constantly was a partially abandoned psychiatric center in new york state. back in 1931 the center was thriving but around world war 2, things started falling apart when unqualified workers took over for nurses who had to serve in the war. it wasn’t until the 1970s when they officially shut down a handful of the buildings on campus and they’ve just been rotting away ever since…
sean colello.

read more of this article, here!

jenkem magazine ©
check out jenkem magazine.

"sidewalk surfer girl" by the queers!

cathy bauer x the queers ©

"sidewalk surfer girl" (originally by the hondells)
little sidewalk surfer girl
show me how to shoot the curls
i've been watching you
and all the things you do
you got me in a whirl
sidewalk surfin' girl

little sidewalk surfer girl
now you're going 'round the world
girl, you sure look sweet
surfin' down the street
you got me in a whirl
sidewalk surfin' girl

so grab your little board
and take it for a ride
no matter if you fall
i'll be by your side

the queers ©
check out the queers.

2 in 1 video posts from thrasher magazine!

no bullshitting around! just pure straight forward street skating in both videos! hells yeah! \m/

wes kremer & tyler surrey's pack of hydes” part!

watch this. repeat. skip school / work. go skate!

sk8mafia ©
check out sk8mafia.


huf's stoops asia tour” video!

killer skating, epic spots and a beautifully made video! grab some popcorn and a beer for this one.
 - thrasher magazine.

huf footwear ©
check out huf.

enjoy, yo!

Monday, November 17, 2014

#3stripes germany tour!

part one of the adidas skateboarding #3stripes germany tour featuring na-kel smith, tyshawn jones and dennis durrant.


part two of the adidas skateboarding #3stripes germany tour featuring lem villemin, lucas puig & dennis busenitz.

filmed and edited by torsten frank.

additional filming by anton geismar and jascha muller.

place skateboard culture ©adidas skateboarding ©

subject madars!

madars apse, welcome to the pro team! it’s impossible not to get entranced by this lanky, latvian. the world-traveling madars speaks five languages, is university educated and is endless fun to be around. his grace on board is not always mirrored off it; he can be quite clumsy – but lovably so. madars finds friends and adventure wherever wheels and whims take him. if you come across this tall, blonde ripper carrying a skateboard and a banjo in some far off land, you’re in for memorable time.

element skateboards x dc shoes ©


deck artworks by dennis mcnett for anti hero skateboards!

anti hero skateboards x dennis mcnett ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
artworks: dennis mcnett

this series of anti hero skateboards decks, came out a few years back and it's still legit, in my honest opinion. über cool artworks by none other than dennis mcnett!

big ups, mr. mcnett!

dennis mcnett x wolfbat studios ©
check out wolfbat studios.


ironxthrasher deck!

pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
click on the image above to enlarge.
artwork: pinkviolence

i was pretty bored on a wet sunday, so i cooked this up, just for fun! =)


Saturday, November 15, 2014


dustin elliker x stay cruel skateboards ©
the toasted crew!

"thank you to everyone that was involved and helped us make this piece of shit!" dustin elliker and other reno, nv skaters put together toasted!

stay cruel skateboards ©

Thursday, November 13, 2014

symirroretry (full length documentary film)!

before you watch this, check out the trailer, here! thanks!

five entities established in skateboarding share concepts of individuality, limitation, and knowledge learned from a constant evolving culture. a culture eternally cycling, dying and rebirthing. forced down dead end pathways by powerful business entities. manipulated of progression through decensitized internet labyrinths. two symmetrical beings, parallel in thought, know only that of which is seen. controlled by a vivid entity yet handicapped by a lack of capacity of free thought and expression. no ambition? no spirit and fulfillment? paintings of inner reflection. still, immovable and wondering; “what is my love and passion?” a documentary expressing the ‘artist’ journey of becoming. a parallel narrative supporting sentiment of fighting against conformity. a contribution of thought challenging comprehension and expansion. the story of symmetrical mirrors, formed as one entity.

a film by andrew lovgren.

cast: greg hunt, chris mulhern & chris fireoved, paul fisharto saari, pontus alv, sammy covert, grant puckett and austin cosler.

archival footages courtesy of pontus alvchris mulhern.
ariel footages courtesy of mammoth media.

special thanks to jade & per lovgren, sammy covert, kickstarter pledgers, liquid 9stage port kc and jason cantu.

thank you all who contributed out of pure labor of love. this project could've never happened without your belief and support.

andrew lovegren x symirroretry 2014 ©
check out symirroretry.


Saturday, November 08, 2014

lizzie armanto!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

lizzie armanto ©
click on the image above to enlarge.

"she the ultimate skate chick...!"

i ♥ you!!!


the loud ones!

Friday, November 07, 2014

skate bordeaux with leo valls!

très bien!

this week, leo valls and crew give you a personal skate tour of bordeaux, france.

filmed and edited by josh stewart.

street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to skate. you'll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe of a new city!

the ride channel ©
check out the ride channel.

two thrasher magazines' videos post in one! \m/

gx1000: barcelona!

barcelona has been blitzed for years but something about this gx edit makes it feel brand new all over again.

thrasher magazine ©
check out thrasher magazine.


dan leung's “seek know1edge part!

warning: this part is going to make you want to drop everything and fly immediately to china. marble on marble on marble…

know1edge clothing company ©