Sunday, August 03, 2014

chirp; a collection of illustrations from the skateboard mag!

this is the last week of "chirping in" kickstarter projectplease show your support by pledging! thanks! =)

my name is andy jenkins and i'm an artist in the skateboarding industry. as an illustrator, i'm mostly known for a cult-classic comic i wrote and drew in the early '90s called "wrench pilot" (under the moniker of mel bend) and the many skateboard graphics i've created since the mid 80's.

this particular project is a collection of the illustrations i've done for the skateboard mag over the last 7 years or so — most of them created for a particular column in the magazine called "chirping in" where the mag's readers answer particular questions related to skateboarding.

my kickstarter plan is to create a high-quality litho-printed publication which features the best of the 100 or so "chirping in" drawings. the project is a 7" x 7", perfect bound, full-color book. the page count is yet to be determined — i estimate it will be approximately 88 pages + the covers. the goal is to produce 500 copies of the book, 100 of which will be signed and numbered, hard-bound editions. i will also be offering stickers, pins and prints as rewards for pledging.

please follow the link to my flickr set that's devoted to a few of my chirp illustrations for examples, here!

hope you dig this project enough to contribute! i'd love to see these books get into your hands!

risks and challenges.

the challenge of this project is getting the layout to press and getting it printed by october this year. with the monetary support of you all, i can make this happen and send out the packages to all the supporters by november of 2014 — just in time for the holidays! i have good experience with the publishing business through "bend press" and so the process of making this happen is relatively easy and fun for me. meeting the deadline for publication will not be a problem at all.

andy jenkins x bend press ©
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