Friday, August 08, 2014

3dprintuk make sam abbott's amazing 3d printed skateboard!

this footage is from last year, august 2013 but it's still relevant tho'! you have to check this out!

sam abbott is one skilled fella - he won our competition that we co-hosted with cgtrader last month. sam won best the best portfolio catagory due to his plethora of awesome designs. we then had a few weeks of fun making his skateboard... it wasn't quite as strait forward as just a print as the board is longer than our build tray, meaning that we had to cut it into 3 sections, joining it together with some connector pins to ensure accuracy and to give it some strength over a simple butt joint. the final result? the worlds first 3d printed twin tip skateboard! it rideable? yes! but I wouldn't drop down many sets of stairs on it just yet!

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