Wednesday, November 09, 2016

sneeze n°27, yo!!!

most ov y'all have never sneeze before in your entire life, have you? well, it's high time that you do so.

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photo: pinkviolence.

the poster sized format magazine, sneeze is back with the new spring 2016 issue“the issue innit” and this time cover and main section goes to… supreme and supra skater: lucien clarke, photographed by kenneth cappello. this 27th issue also features poster-size spreads of clarke skating as photographed by kenneth cappello, q&a’s with ovo r&b two-piece majid jordan, print ads from thrasher magazinenicola tyson and princess diana. plus never been seen artworks from skater / artist ed templeton.

oh yeah, this here comes with one disposable jason markk “quick wipes” and a sticker too!

sneeze magazine ©
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