Friday, October 14, 2016

magazines, mutafukkas!

first look: november 2016 issue of the bible with andrew reynolds.

the boss catches a copy of the new issue and waxes poetic from figgy’s front all the way to the back cover. we’re still making 200 page mags!


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photo: pinkviolence.

got me'self the latest issue ov thrasher magazine november 2016 - issue #436 and i think the boss has got to be the first person ever, to be featured on the first look video of thrasher magazine to point out how many fucking shoe advertisements there are featured in the bible. ha!!! =D

also, fuck the 2020 olympics, which will be held in japan to have skateboarding as an event. fuck that bullshit, seriously! but if you’re into that sorta shit, and your perspective and angle of skateboarding is a form of “sport”, you do you, a’ight? who the fuck am i to force feed my personal views of the skateboarding culture to anyone, right? it’s the end of skateboarding as most of us have known it to be...

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youth by lodown magazine.

youth x lodown magazine ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

after the big anniversary issue #100 we thought it’s a brilliant idea to deal with youth and its subsequent cultures - before we’re getting too old to have a clue about it. this is the first issue in a series of shape-shifting editions in a mono-thematic fashion.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our youth issue

- don letts... the original culture clash master, who single-handedly turned a generation of punks into reggae enthusiasts, speaks his mind about youth culture’s rich past and rather sober present.

- mark oblow... has been busy building his own brand moblow between surfing, skating, consulting, shooting photos for various clients and enjoying the beaches and food of costa mesa

- less... the celebrated south korean photographer is an expert when it comes to capturing seoul’s youth, which has the tendency to completely lose it as soon as the weekend arrives.

- sylvan rand... was there, he witnessed all the new styles and movements and protests of the last five decades, and saw how the youngsters finally liberated themselves - and luckily for us, he finally decided to open his impressive archive to the public.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “youth“ from the likes of: trevor jackson, zuza krajewska, mike blabac, the internet, gaurab thakali, kazuhiro hori and many others... 

specs for the trump card players: 220 mm width x 274 mm height, portrait format, high quality print, different paper stocks, uv lacquer.

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