Thursday, November 17, 2016

“berlin”!!! \m/

just be very careful for what you wish for... 

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photo: pinkviolence.

this time around our mission was to do an entire issue on our hometown of “berlin” - an ode to the city’s future and past with some present thrown in the mix for good measure.

and here’s a little sneak peek on what’s happening in our “berlin” issue.

- david lichtenauer... is dividing his time between building high-concept skate ramps, high-concept airplanes and high-concept miniature filmsets - amongst many other creative high-concept things.

- thomas von wittich... has been following berlin’s notorious graffiti crew “berlin kidz“ for two years - and luckily for us he always carried a camera with him. 

- moscowman... probably is the hottest ticket on today’s dance floors, not only in berlin but world wide - and we had a long conversation with the young Israeli about his mission to free all dance floors. 

- ruth wolf-rehfeldt... is an unfairly forgotten genius from the former gdr, whose art is very complex, very skilled, very elaborate - and it was entirely created with her trusted typewriter.

- more eloquent statements and visual awesomeness about “berlin” from the likes of: lukas feireiss, andreas gehrke, anna uddenberg, live from earth, conny maier, zhivago duncan, alex gnädiger and many others.

cover by daniel josefson  (r.i.p. 1961 - 2016).

the “berlin” magazine has the format 200mm width x 250mm height and features high quality print, different paper stocks & comes with flaps + specials colors!
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