Wednesday, November 09, 2016

the quiet leaf...

i got something really interesting in, earlier today...

“a skateboarder's view on low-key street culture, that's what it reads on the spine of these magazines below. it amazes me how much effort has been put in one of these. the editor in chief, jin yob kim, from seoul, korea, does a great job printing these quarterly issue magazines. so many good photography, art and write ups. it's really taking skateboarding magazines to a whole other level. i've only read and gone through the first two issues thus far and frankly speaking, i am in awe by the both them! such zen.

the quiet leaf ©
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photo: pinkviolence.


#1 - japan issue.

this clip shows the first video project for the quiet leaf magazine, an independent quarterly publication based in seoul, korea. it deals with low-key movers and shakers in skateboarding and its creative sub-culture, including photography, jazzy hip hop, arts and literature.


#2 - france issue.

for the france issue of the quiet leaf we spoke to some of the most creative cats out there, and some of our featured artists put together a quick magazine launch at ofr. in paris. this clip shows benjamin deberdt, soy panday, olivier tavu ente and jean feil preparing the space and also a nice overview of the gallery.

the quiet leaf ©
check out the quiet leaf.

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