Thursday, October 13, 2016

ride in peace, dylan rieder...

today is a really sad day for the skateboarding community worldwide...

news came in all over the skateboarding social media, that dylan joseph rieder, passed on earlier today, the 12th of october 2016, at an early age of 28, due to complications battling cancer, leukemia to be precise.

you were really one of a kind, the best at what you did and also, a truly inspirational individual. yet you have gone too young, too soon... maybe the skate gods have better plans for you up there, somewhere...

ride in peace, dylan and my regards to all the legendary skate rats that have passed on and are there with you above the clouds.

legends never die and you'll forever be remembered in our hearts. thank you for the mark and impact that you have made for the skateboarding culture, community and skate souls worldwide.

dylan joseph rieder ©

dylan rieder ©
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ride in peace.