Monday, October 31, 2016

the last maniac!!! \m/

this short film uploaded on youtube a couple of days back, features a psychopathic looney a.k.a neckface loose on a crazy rampage while smoking his twirly pipe! shit is cray!!!

starring neckface and directed by ty evans.

what more can anyone ask for and watch on fuckin' halloweens' night? so fuckin' siqqq!!! \m/

an inside look at an urban nightmare! all hell breaks loose when neckface hits the pipe and hits the streets! if you get in his way- he'll have to kill you! he's the last maniac!!!

neckface: the last maniac features the original song “race to be human by piers baron. free download and more information are available here.

this was made possible by freefly systems.

shot with weapon 8k s35 and epic-w movi pro.

directed by ty evans.

produced by david garcia.

director of photography by mike poore.

edited by justin taylor smith.

neckface ©
check out neckface.

'cause it's neckface, biatch!!!