Wednesday, November 09, 2016

and yet they still tore it down...

toronto demolishes diy skatepark...

despite yet having enough signatures before its date of due, toronto officials went ahead and tore the diy skatepark down. wtf?!!!

don't be despaired. fight on the good fight and never surrender! they can tear it all down, but we can always build bigger, mightier and better ones! 

toronto skateboarders have turned a derelict dead end corner into a thriving community diy skatepark. local businesses who support the initiative have informed the builders that city has plans to demolish the structure.

permanent diy skateparks have become essential community fixtures in montreal, vancouver, new york, philadelphia, seattle and various other cities. they are international cultural hubs and toronto is missing out.

the park has spawned a community skateboarders who are dedicated to taking care of the space and integrating into the community. 

watch this video to hear directly from the community, here.

please send emails in support to city councillor: ana bailão and provincial offences officer construction activities: wojtech goral.

please do your part and sign the petition, here.

sydney patterson has started up a facebook page to save toronto's diy skatepark below.

save toronto's diy skatepark ©

revolt, stay alive and resilient!