Thursday, June 22, 2017

sod off all ya mongo plank pushing kooks!!!

incase some of you are unaware, i have not been updating this blog here nor have been posting in the fb page for some time now. no, i did not quit skateboarding like most of have thought or assumed and concluded. i just don't feel the need to do so, i.e. updating ironxhanger. i mean, why should i and also, there's no point sharing knowledge while others claim credits, right? personally, i give credits all the time, where and when credits are due. y'all now have the fukkin' interweb and also that anti-social media thang, don't you? so go do the knowledge yourselves. i won't be posting as much as i used to, it's wearing me thin, figuratively speaking here.

oh yeah, shout out to all you skateboarders out there for licking and sucking iasc / tws' ballz yesterday, 21st june a.k.a gsd (go suck dicks). also, to those flossing 'em thrasher magazine garbs, do yourselves a huge favour and please, burn them. all of them! i'm serious, 'cause i doubt that most of you who flaunt 'em, even purchase nor subscribe to the magazine. yes, it's a magazine and never was a clothing brand, you fukkin' imbeciles! looking at you, mr. ns inspector kook, and probably 70% of those who floss hard in 'em gears as well. ;)

anyways... shut up, quit your fukkin' whining and go skate, you motherfukkin' kooks!


p.s. dear skateboard jocks and wanna be thugs, please stay away from ironxhanger. google analytics don't lie, and it clearly states that most of you've been spending way too much time here than actually out there, skateboarding. =)