Friday, January 13, 2017

oh holy, wow!!! thrasher publishes magazines now!!!

who would have thought, am i right?!!! hahaha! =Þ

thrasher magazine x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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photo: pinkviolence.

got the new issue of thrasher magazine february 2017 - issue #439 last week, with yonnie cruz smacked on the front cover of the slab! i'm not even gonna give any sorta comment on this one, so why don't ch'all go out and get ya'self a copy, a'ight?

but if you wanna know more tho', go watch the short clip of the first look below video. thanks!


first look: february 2017 issue ov the bible with nora vasconcellos!

nora broadcasts live from the arctic circle, where the weather is frigid, but the new issue brings the heat.

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