Thursday, July 17, 2014

tony hawk - collectible action figure!

the simpsons - 25 of the greatest guest stars. series two.

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image: pinkviolence

like i mentioned in this previous post, here, that i'm not a big fan of tony but i scored this tony hawk simpsons figurine by neca earlier in da' evening at toy outpost at plaza singapura. it actually comes in a pack of six but i sweet talked my way to the sales lady just to get this particular figurine. she gave me a good deal too! only 30sgd, outta the whole bunch, which cost nearly 300sgd! hells yeah!!!

i fukkin' ♥ toys!

national entertainment collectibles association ©
check out neca.


p.s. i'm so fukkin' stoked that i finally have my hands on this! =)