Thursday, July 17, 2014

"the devil made me do it".

this book was released way back in 2009 but it's still legit! comes in a hardcover as well. is selling it for 300usd! that's crazy money, i tell ya! *shish*

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following up on a successful opening of his latest exhibition devil’s disciple, neckface drops a new 156 page book entitled "the devil made me do it". the book features an introduction by kaws and an essay by carlo mccormick as well as photography by erik foss, jerry hsu, ako jefferson, atiba jefferson, norman lendzion, athena razo, giovanni reda and chris shonting.

i need this book badly!!! can somebody hook me up with it, pretty please? =)

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p.s. good luck to those of us who has yet to own a copy of this book. it's so difficult to search for it on the internet. maybe, i'll just order it from my local giant bookstore.  oh well...