Thursday, July 17, 2014

the art of...

todd bratrud.

ironxhanger x todd bratrud ©

"what makes todd so brilliant is his inability to create anything ugly. he tries, lord knows, he tries. he instinctively finds the beauty in anything he draws whether it be broken and beaten women, severed limbs, dead animals, conjoined twins or dead baby fetuses. it's a rare gift to make people think a four-titted cow / chicken is adorable."
- chris nieratko.

this book contains a selection of todd bratrud's personal favorite works from recent years for companies including: flip, the skateboard mag, nike, volcom, enjoi, teenage runaway, the high 5 and more.

the release of these two seen unknown titles marks the beginning of a new mbp series, edited by winston tseng, art director for enjoi skateboards. tseng has worked with some of today's most genre-defying visual artists and designers whose work extends well beyond skateboard culture. from sneaker and apparel design to product packaging, posters, high-profile ad campaigns and fine art galleries, the work of these artists is often recognizable, though their creators' names remain unknown - until now. with seen unknown, tseng unifies the diverse range of work by some of his favorite artists, putting it all in once place for readers to enjoy.

todd bratrud ©
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todd francis.

ironxhanger x todd francis ©
"i swear there were times we got so carried away with ourselves that we really thought we could bring down skateboarding with one terrible idea."
- julien stranger on todd francis.

after the artist monographs warning: the art of marc mckee and i hate: the art of todd bratrud, comes the third book in the series look away: the art of todd francislook away examines the career of skateboard artist todd francis and his knack for provocation, pigeons, bums, eagles, vengeful nature and more.

while most people are familiar with his barrage of classic graphics for anti hero, real, stereo and element, todd francis reveals in this book a wider palette of styles and techniques. in 96 pages and over 200 reproductions of classic and never-before-seen decks, illustrations, paintings, sketches and even suicide-themed christmas decorations, look away strolls through a 20-plus year career built upon one motto: behind the gruesome, tell a deeper story. or, as francis sums it up: "it might be one step too far, but it's never the easy step too far."


i've already own a copy of warning: the art of marc mckee book. you can check it out, here! fukkin' awesome graphics and illustrations by marc. hells yeah!!! \m/

todd francis ©
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p.s. i'll be mail ordering these two books at the end of the month, so look out for 'em, a'ight? thanks! gst rebate, babe! hells yeah!!!