Wednesday, July 23, 2014

converse cons skateboarding shoes!

these kicks are sweet!

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
black / green mid tops.

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
grey / purple low cuts.

ironxhanger x converse skateboarding ©
red / blue low cuts.
click on the images above to enlarge.
photos: pinkviolence

stumbled upon these vulcanised converse skateboarding shoes at a local mall (i won't tell you where it is, 'cause it's at a secret location), stashed at a corner. i don't know what models they are but they are definitely value for money and these are definitely authentic! just check out the inner tongue, it has the lobster patch sewn on it.

the mid tops were going for only 69sgd and the other two for 65sgd each. i remembered these going for more than a hundred a pair but apparently they don't come with their shoe boxes tho', 'cause all of them were stacked up in a pile.

they were also a bunch of cons cts in a variety of different colour ways and many more models, price ranging from 40sgd to 70sgd each but i was in a hurry to take pictures of 'em. oh well... maybe next time, if they are still in stock.

i personally wanted to snap a pair of those mid tops, just for recreational use but the largest size is us10 and i wear us11 / 12 shoes (depends on the cutting). well, that's just too bad for me, i guess...? =|