Sunday, March 01, 2015

you know what's up?!!!

thrasher magazine’s featured videos are alway awesome to watch! i’ve been reading da mag’ for more than ten years now, hence… check these two footy out, yo! if you snooze, you lose, skater…!


“let it be known” tour!

hollywood skate rats on da east coast!

the deathwish team makes a long-overdue trip back east – busting out for the best shops and getting tested on some of that east coast crust. neen, kirby, ellington, valdez, slash and dickson share the love and bring the pain!!!

deathwish skateboards ©


“selfie sticks and korean tricks”!

why does big bob have to be on nike sb? fukk that shit!!! seriously!

the worldwide terrain hunt has been going strong for years now but even we are shocked by the buttery, never-seen spots these guys found. what a trip! featuring worrest, manderson, sebo and special guest jake johnson!

krooked skateboarding ©

enjoy da fukkin' videos!!!