Sunday, March 01, 2015

updates on converse cons videos!

tale of four cities: boston!

tale of four cities explores the skate communities within the four cities that cons project takes place - boston, toronto, los angeles and new york.

starting with boston the films follow cons skate ambassadors while they visit some of the cities' best skate spots, shops, hangouts, and the community surrounding them.

directed by richard quintero.


ctas pro black mono - kevin rodrigues!

cons rider kevin rodrigues collaborated with ben chadourne and jean-louis huhta to bring you an audio visual representation of his skateboarding in paris, france.

kevin sourced a range of his own musical influences and worked closely with jean-louis to create the bespoke composition tailored to suit this film. it was filmed and directed by ben in the recent parisian winter months providing a cold, dark cityscape where everyone involved found a creative influence.

about kevin rodrigues:
kevin grew up skateboarding in paris, which has shaped his creatively rich diverse output. looking at skateboarding, spots and style with a unique vision that is both refreshingly natural and inspiring. his path is constantly heading in his own direction which will be further evident in his upcoming part in the new polar skate co. video.

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