Thursday, January 05, 2017

hey eee eh...! yeh eee yeh...! i got this book the other day!

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photo: pinkviolence.

purchased this big ass globe international book, as show in the image above, a day before new years eve last year (2016) at a local book store. well, i actually made them bring it in store for me, as it would have definitely cost hella lot more if i had mail ordered it myself and by the way, this book weighs a ton! i fukkin' kid you not!

unemployable: 30 years of hardcore, skate and street, consists of 705 pages from cover to cover! this muthafukka is jam packed & filled with more than 500 photographs and illustrations, with hardcover binding and weighs a little over 3 kilograms! no fukkin' lie, i tell ya! more like a couple of cinder blocks rather than a book.

i strained my right shoulder from the sheer weight of it gravitating down on the slings of the tote bag that i was carrying this book in, during my whole day out. what a fukkin' pain in the neck!

alright, alright... let's get on to business now. actually, i had already mentioned about this book before purchasing it in a few posts sometime back. so, go and read it, hereyou lazy arses! well, that makes us even, since me own arse is too damn lazy to write a personal take and / or review for this ginormous beast!

anyways, fuck the world, go read as many books as you can, take photographs and while you're at it, don't forget to push your skateboards too, muthafukkaz!

globe international ©
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peas 'nd curry!