Wednesday, June 29, 2016

schmuzz, schfuzz & schpuzz!!!

lost soul skateboards x pinkviolence x ironxhanger ©
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image: pinkviolence

oh wowzer! look what came in thru' the mailbox just last week...? shizzler!!! a coupl'a d.i.y hand screen printed tee's and a whole bunch'a slaps from lost soul skateboards, y'all!!!

mad shoutouts 'nd appreciation to ray gurz, da head honcho ov lost soul skateboards, for mailing me this awesome li'l care package! you's a real duder, yo!

i also wanna apologise to mr. gurz here publicly, that i am truly sorry for not making it to allentownphiladelphia, for da video premiere ov “magic camera” last month, but anyways 'nd anywho, much thanks again for the goodies ya sent via post, yo!!! \m/

also, to all you peeps out there, who have been lurking around and what have yous, why donch'a do a teeny weeny favour 'nd grab ya'self a physical copy ov “magic camera” on dvd format, here! much thanks!

lost soul skateboards ©


p.s. watch the promo video for “magic camera” here, yo! \m/