Thursday, June 30, 2016

dustin dollin doing it proper with...

first look: july 2016 issue of the bible!

dustin is a long-time volcom veteran and he has plenty to say about the july 2016 mag and its holy stokes! coverage.


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so, i got me'self the new-ish issue ov thrasher magazine july 2016 - issue #432 (holy stokes! issue) a few weeks back. on the cover page, it features a photograph ov daan van der linden doing an insanely siqqq frontside noseblunt slide! wtf right! this issue right here, also comes with free a volcom stone holy stokes! film poster and a sheet of stickers. what more do you want? cover to cover, jam packed with more than two hundred pages of madness, yo! shit is always tight! hells yeah! \m/

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