Monday, February 23, 2015

two videos from thrasher magazine's site in one fukkin' post!!!

jaws’ criddler on the roof” part!

out of spots? you're just not looking high enough. the king of plop does it again!


pat gallaher's “debri2” part!

while the kids in la wax plastic, minnesota's pat gallaher surfs through some of the cruddiest spots east of the mississippi; gravel spraying in his stylish wake.
- thrasher magazine.

about debri2 dvd:

anthony hart x debri2 ©

limited edition concrete cases designed and hand made by anthony hart.

inspired by the weathered textures of the twin cities streets.

hand cast, each piece is signed and limited to 50 units. no two cases are the exact same!

filmed by pete spooner and phillip schwartz.

featuring pat gallaher, david nelson, jan jacobson, nathan cameron and the familia squad.

get the dvd, here!

debri2 ©
check out debri2.