Monday, February 23, 2015

new thrasher magazine march 2015 + first look + iii magnified footages!

piniviolence x ironxhanger x thrasher magazine ©
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photo: pinkviolence

copped the bible before da skate sesh last saturday! bangin' new issue of thrasher magazine march 2015 - issue #416!!! best ish' by far for 2015, in my opinion with anthony van engelen on da cover! bangin' page after page, end on end! start to finish! comes with a free converse conskenny anderson poster too! git some!!!

check out cyril jackson's first look video about da ish' below:


the mag gets heavier each month. cyril flips through the march issue for the first time, soaking up hammer after hammer!


march 2015 magnified!!!

grant taylor at kona!

it's grant taylor, so you know it gets decked. this kona wall is no joke.


erik ellington!!!

even at a skatepark, you can't keep the mule off the raw streets. classic switch frontside flip on the “let it be known tour, as seen in the march 2015 mag.


grant again!!!

is grant's window carve even possible?! his back foot says heel no! as seen in the march '15 issue.

thrasher magazine ©
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