Friday, February 20, 2015

haters gonna hate...!

i seriously do not need credibility nor approval from the local arts, music or skateboarding community here in singapura! too much politics involved, i tell ya' and i have had enuff tolerance for y'all! but seriously, much thanks and appreciation to all those who believed in me and my efforts since day one! you guys rule! respek! \m/

pinkviolence x ironxhanger x kruxwear industries ©
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photo: pinkviolence

received some goods in da mail from my sponsor, bjo of kruxwear industries, on monday morning and i'm only posting it up today (friday evening), 'cause i had a lot of things going on.

thanks for da merch', brotha'! makasih, bjo! you da man! \m/

i never said i was good nor anything but at least i try and have da passion for it! so, shut up, skate and just have fun, a'ight? =)

kruxwear industries ©
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