Thursday, November 13, 2014

symirroretry (full length documentary film)!

before you watch this, check out the trailer, here! thanks!

five entities established in skateboarding share concepts of individuality, limitation, and knowledge learned from a constant evolving culture. a culture eternally cycling, dying and rebirthing. forced down dead end pathways by powerful business entities. manipulated of progression through decensitized internet labyrinths. two symmetrical beings, parallel in thought, know only that of which is seen. controlled by a vivid entity yet handicapped by a lack of capacity of free thought and expression. no ambition? no spirit and fulfillment? paintings of inner reflection. still, immovable and wondering; “what is my love and passion?” a documentary expressing the ‘artist’ journey of becoming. a parallel narrative supporting sentiment of fighting against conformity. a contribution of thought challenging comprehension and expansion. the story of symmetrical mirrors, formed as one entity.

a film by andrew lovgren.

cast: greg hunt, chris mulhern & chris fireoved, paul fisharto saari, pontus alv, sammy covert, grant puckett and austin cosler.

archival footages courtesy of pontus alvchris mulhern.
ariel footages courtesy of mammoth media.

special thanks to jade & per lovgren, sammy covert, kickstarter pledgers, liquid 9stage port kc and jason cantu.

thank you all who contributed out of pure labor of love. this project could've never happened without your belief and support.

andrew lovegren x symirroretry 2014 ©
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