Monday, January 19, 2015

rick rossi's "h:ead law" part!

i gotta cop me'self a copy of this dvd, pronto!!!

rick has a unique bag of tricks as well as some unreal, never-seen spots at his disposal. that combination will always create an interesting part. the last three or four tricks here are pretty wild!


info about the h:ead law dvd:

directed by keelin austin.

filmed and edited by keelin austin, mitchthefilmer and tony schwichtenberg.

original font by tony schwichtenberg.

featuring: rick rossi, garrett rathbone, luke clark, aaron cannon, keelin austin, delano harris, jered smith, mitchthefilmer, tyler smith, corey fisher and jx moss.

hand numbered, only 200 available on the first release.

screen printing courtesy of alec smith and kat stephenson.

video length: 50 minutes.

bonus length: 1 hour and 50 minutes.


gid cha'self a copy of the h:ead law dvd, here!

h:ead law ©
check out h:ead law.

enjoy, yo!