Wednesday, January 21, 2015

eleven episodes of thrasher magazine's king of the road 2014 + bonus!!!

i know, i know...! i'm far behind on this one but watch all of thrasher magazine's 2014 king of the road episodes below! have fun and enjoy the footages, yo! also, big ups to birdhouse skateboards for taking da title of thrasher magazine's kotr 2014!!! \m/

episode one!

the hour is upon us! we present kotr in all of its pee drinking, shit eating, booty twerking, hammer dropping and point counting glory!


episode two!

episode one was just the beginning. burger king, babes, buttholes and much more brutality are a click away!


episode three!

alec majerus kills kinkers, birdhouse joins team handsome and nyjah and the atl twins get buck on atlanta's cyclops rail!


episode four!

evan smith gets a heavy nbd, nyjah kills the milf game and majerus goes for the grind of his life. this kotr is out of control!


episode five!

louie lopez keeps it cherry, jaws takes the stank leg next level and matt berger boardslides the universe. heavy duty!


episode six!

majerus spins rail magic, raybourn breaks the blunt fakie world's record and nyjah makes out with himself?! shit's getting' trippy out there on the kotr!


episode seven!

the fan as kotr reaches skatopia - pipes, poultry, peter smolik and then somebody gets their windshield smashed in. and this only the halfway point!


episode eight!

clive swaps spit, raybourn goes gou, nyjah plays with fire and louie takes it off the top rope as kotr blazes on!


episode nine!

louie grinds a harsh 30, the rocks take revenge on clint and nyjah's piggyback ender has to be seen to be believed. new shit, kotr-style!


episode ten!

as the teams converge in their final city, curren battles fat bob, smolik flexes his tech and nyjah tackles two of the most hectic kinkers you'll ever see! only one more episode before the winners are announced saturday night!


eleventh and final episode!

in this final episode, nyjah continues his handrail assault, majerus gets sent to the hospital and clint dies for all his kotr sins. winners announced now!


highest, longest and most!!!

here is where the big points are earned. this has to be the heaviest kotr to date. nollie 3-flip fs board? wtf…!

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