Sunday, October 05, 2014


through the eyes of different generations of skaters, we get a glimpse of what it means to live and breathe skateboarding. “it’s our life... it’s devotion”.

filmed in the berrics, lake sequoia, ca. and geraçoes skate park, cascais.

skaters: francisco lopes, george pool, andrew verde, robbin de witt, ivan montero, dlamini dlamini, kevin sikes, yamato kosuzu, dashawn jordan, dereck holmes, woody woelfel, jeremie boivin, tyson peterson, john purcell, corey millet, sam atkins, kevin ramsay, ronnie kesner, buster sullivan and dylan williams.

directed by julien mazard.

additional footages by ryan neddeau and sami el hassani.

photography by julien mazard.
photography podium mic by nuno capela.

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