Tuesday, September 23, 2014

long live southbank!!!

they finally made it!!! yes, yes, y'all!!!

long live southbank celebrates our epic victory in securing our undercroft forever! recap on our journey from our first jam in may 2013 all the way to the finish line.

featuring skateboarding from the likes of casper brooker, chewy cannon, blondey mccoy, domas glatkauskas, kyron davis, joleyon pressey, darius trabalza, rob smith, lucien clarke, chris ault and many more!

plus the undercroft community; tomek, louis, henry, grant, jason, dylan, jasper, ben, max, chillie, sam, rueben, zin, cameron, savannah, jin, george, felix, biko, thomas, rory, lukas, aaron, mekka, frederico, james, faris, craig, yaps, greg, mark, d*face, nick, danny, rob, will, tom, jim, emanuel, george, stella and a cast of thousands! 

this was all of us… together... for future generations.

a short informational film from the current generation of free minded individuals who call southbank their home - a now can do without threat.

we did not the this unique organic and expressive community be destroyed in the name of capitalism!

we took action - we stood form - we won!

watch how it all began here with '40 Years Later - long live south bank’.

get a piece of history by buying the book and helping the campaign, here!

long live southbank ©