Thursday, June 05, 2014

get well soon marc churchill!

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it’s never pleasant having to write one these ‘get well soon’ news posts but knowing that marc churchill has given so much of his life to the uk skate scene for so many years, it had to be done.

marc was unfortunately taken out during a routine feeble grind last week (a trick he usually does in his sleep) and somehow managed to snap a load of ribs and destroyed 25% of his spleen in the process.

“i had an operation to stop the spleen bleeding and they put coils up my artery to block the blood. that was crazy coz i was awake while they did it! gonna be in hospital for a lil’ while longer as the bit of spleen that is dead is now trying to turn into and abscess! i’m on a heavy course of antibiotics and loads of pain killers to try and fight it off! been a bit touch and go at points! all from a shitty feeble grind!”

so right now marc is sat in a hospital bed whilst we are all out here getting on with our lives.


here is a short footy of marc churchill shredding!

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