Monday, May 26, 2014

putting indonesia on da map!

mentally ill.

mentally ill skateboard video by buckstore about semarang night skating featuring yoga satriya.

filmed and edited by asmoro dimas.

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00.00 skate video.

this video displays 100% night skateboarding that features several skateboarders from jakarta, indonesia. when most skateboarders avoid to film at night because the lack of light will destyroy the picture quality it produces, but these guys don't take no for answer, they still go for it. the reason why is that night time is the most condusive time to film in jakarta. usually the security & street mercahnts aren't that much as in the day and the traffic is also not so hectic which makes it easier to move from spot to spot.

featuring adam andiga, ramdan hadj putra, jimmy bastanta and also other skateboarders like nur istaufa, panji asmorow, jaka satria, adhi kento, perwira bunga bangsa and many more. with all the limitations, once again they prove it's still posible to make something out of nothing.

filmed by mazini hafizhuddin and edited by adam andiga.

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enjoy da footages, yo!