Thursday, May 22, 2014

c1rca house!!!

episode 1 - windsor & kirby skate appliances!


episode 2 - ryan reyes.

in episode 2 of #c1rcahouse: ryan reyes moves in, we celebrate taylor kirby's thrasher cover at the new mousegrip headquarters and then roll out with the shep dawgs to prince park.


episode 3 - jimmy carlin.

in this 3rd installment of #c1rcahouse we unveil our new pro, get a private session at the new lakeside skatepark and then head to ikea to snag some bunk beds!


episode 4 - kirby & ryan reyes.

in episode 4 of #c1rcahouse: chef ryan reyes shows you how to make a super taco and then the team takes a quick trip down to az.


episode 5 - david gravette

in episode 5 of #c1rcahouse, the house gets sponsored by pabst, gravette takes on the gallon of milk challenge and we get a session in at the bread bowl.

c1rca team: adrian lopez, windsor james, david gravette, jimmy carlin, robbie brockel, taylor kirby, ryan reyes and jack olson.

filmed and edited by lannie rhoades.

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