Friday, July 22, 2016

“inequality” - a skate film by jean-luc vida!

jean-luc vida was once a videographer / filmer for the infamous skatepark of tampa. this film below, showcase one of his best works yet, in my personal opinion. the ntsc format like video and also the rawness feeling of the film in its entirety, not forgetting the featured skateboarders' authenticity steez, makes this one of the best d.i.y full length skateboarding films by far for the year of 2016 in my books! you have to give it a watch! chekkit! \m/

inequality is a florida based full length skateboard film starring: derick glancy, malcolm seaman, yonis molina, markus jalaber, uncle sam bellipanni, eric mckenney, cory foster and features many more. 

filmed, edited, directed and produced by jean-luc vida.

contributing filmers: tristan mershon, stephen buggica, sam bellipanni, eric mckenney, derick glancy, richie valdez and waylon bone.

special thanks to: dan vida, mikah collins, chris preston, brad wyatt, eric mckenney, pat daly, denis frain, eric borne and jared & angela at ride channel.

to get a copy of inequality dvd, purchase it here.

jean-luc vida ©
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enjoy da film, yo!