Monday, May 04, 2015

independent's “f#ck the rest northwest tour”!

fukkin' gnarrr!!! ride the best! fuck the rest! \m/

part one!

these dudes answered the call of the ‘crete and went round for round in the parks and ponds of the northwest. heavy ripping is just a click away…!


part two!

the van chugs onward, the crew stays hungry and the onslaught continues. time to grind…!
thrasher magazine.


part three!

it's hard to believe these dudes stacked so much footage on one trip. part three is the gnarliest edit yet and there's still one more video to come!
thrasher magazine.


part four!

the crew kicks things off at an epic indoor pond before laying waste to more terrain in today's series finale.

- thrasher magazine.

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