Tuesday, April 28, 2015

just fukkin' watch these videos, will ya'? a'ight? \m/

“spur of the moment” video!

this video is fukked up!!! siqqq, yo!!! \m/

the crew packed up the rv in la and headed out for the southwest, blazing through nevada, arizona and new mexico before hitting our death match event in austin. they even brought a special guest, and he is actually pretty damn special!

rip 'n' dip ©
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“survival spanish” video!

killin' it and raw ass fukk out takes!!! \m/

a killer soundtrack, amazing spots and a great lineup of talent, each providing their own flavour. this edit is a beauty!

thrasher magazine.
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yaje popson's “sk8rats” part!

li'l beast from the east coast!!! \m/

yaje came out to visit california from new york and knocked this part out in only three weeksnever underestimate the power of the avocado...
thrasher magazine.

sk8rats ©
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please, just enjoy these fukkin' footies!